Real Steel Director offers promising update for Disney+ series

Real Steel Director offers promising update for Disney+ series

Real steelThe director offered another update on the series and how it’s been going so far. Collider caught up with Shawn Levy to discuss the upcoming project and talk a little Deadpool 3. While that conversation was going on, the filmmaker actually shared that he has started hearing pitches for the series. Now there were only a few people who actually went in a direction he loved. But it seems like the creative team is laser-focused on getting something out there that works instead of trying to cash in on name recognition. Levy even revealed that he has become much more protective of the property in the years since it hit the big screen. The pandemic saw many people tuning into the film during the 2020 lockdown period. It has sparked some interest in what to do with Real steel down the road. Because the director understood all the right script, and until it was nailed down, he didn’t want to get ahead of himself. Check out what else Levy had to say below.

“But I will say we heard a lot of pitches. And I realized, during those pitches, that I’m very protective of ‘Real Steel.’ I’d rather not make any show than the wrong show,” he admitted. “And I finally heard a recording that takes the story from the movie and does some really exciting things with it. I’m finally getting really excited about where we’re going.”

What is the status of the sequel series?

Collider actually spoke to Levy this year about rumors of the new series. Things are not that far along, but they are moving in an encouraging direction so far. “There can’t be filming this year. We’ve now had several actual writer pitch meetings,” Levy revealed. “We’re narrowing down the search and the ideas behind the recording. There’s a lot of different ways to go. It’s kind of scary because a lot of those ways are valid and cool. And which one is the right one? I’m going to go back to something I said in our Adam Project- interview.”

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“I’m just going to have to go with my gut about what’s right because there’s no objective judge of right and wrong. I don’t think we’re going to do that, no,” he added. “Because even when we choose our writer, we’re opening a room, we’re breaking a whole season of TV. So it’s more of a process. But we’re definitely making good progress now. And the way the news broke and took off has been a huge blessing for the author search.”

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