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Preview of “Thor: Love and Thunder”: Does Marvel dilute its movies with all the Disney + series?

Preview of “Thor: Love and Thunder”: Does Marvel dilute its movies with all the Disney + series?

However, commercial success is not always directly correlated with quality. And a declining drive for the Disney-owned unit raises legitimate questions about whether Marvel’s efforts to feed the main studio’s streaming service, Disney +, have helped dilute production.

It’s hardly a secret that Disney has made the creation of the streaming service a top priority, and relies heavily on Marvel and Lucasfilm to create the kind of content fans will be waiting to see. Given that the service has run ahead of the subscriber forecasts to more than 137 million based on the latest figures, the plan has worked.
But while its sister unit Lucasfilm has been throwing itself on TV for some time – even robbed from the theater arsenal to do so, with “Obi-Wan Kenobi” after being redirected from a planned film to a series format – Marvel has still diligently hammered on both fronts. While the Disney + Award has delivered buzzworthy titles (along with a few lesser-known ones), the film list has presented a mixed baggage along that stretch.
It is clear that a few mandatory disclaimers apply here. To begin with, Covid-19 gave a major setback for movies, and certainly stumped ticket sales for two titles released during 2021, “Eternals” and “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, both of which represented characters such as were new to the screen, based on the Marvel Comics launched in the 1970s.

Marvel has also entered what is equivalent to a clearing phase after the epic end of the Thanos-Avengers saga, so a certain degree of reset of the playing field was expected. In addition, there is another great sequel, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”, which comes later this year.

Richard Madden and Gemma Chan in 'Eternals,' a rare ticket booth and critical disappointment for Marvel Studios.
Finally, these questions are not new. In fact, when Disney + launched, the Observer lurked far beyond the bounds of the studio’s appeal in an article titled “How Much Marvel Is Too Much Marvel?”, A theme sounded about any established entertainment brand given the pressure to exploit them.

Still, the flaws in “Eternals” – a film that apparently bites more than it could chew in customizing a little-known item – and now “Thors” feels lacking as invitations to discuss whether any of this can be attributed to a content abundance.

The average Hollywood law says no one beats a thousand – in fact, in baseball terms, you put one in three on the Hall of Fame. Marvel’s enviable scorecard of hits has surpassed that, but with every new property developed for streaming, from the disappointing “Moon Knight” to “Ms. Marvel” to the upcoming “She-Hulk” – the studio seems to tempt and test these fates the odds.
'Ms.  Marvel 'tackles a Muslim hero's teenage problems in a star-studded Disney + series

Of course, Marvel has excelled at playing a very long game, and begins with its daring plan to produce a quartet of movies based on “Avengers”. Everything since has gone along that path, adding dimensions (and dimensions) to the cinematic universe.

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The great unknown that hovers over Marvel’s approach, however, has always been its ability to continue to build beyond without losing its core. To the extent that Disney + has driven the demand for Marvel titles with lower-profile heroes, it seems logical, even inevitable, that this effort will place a greater strain on the theater portfolio.

Does any of this mean that Marvel and Disney should press the panic button? Hardly. But it raises some warning flags.

Thanks to streaming, Marvel finds itself with another very hungry mouth to feed. It does not automatically lead to a higher percentage of misfires, but it does increase the chances that attempts to keep everyone happy less often will be met with “Thunder” -like applause.

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