New ‘Witch Mountain’ Pilot in the Works at Disney+!

New ‘Witch Mountain’ Pilot in the Works at Disney+!

If there’s one thing Disney is going all-in on lately, it’s remakes of popular movies and TV shows. Yes, many people are getting tired of live-action remakes, but many of them have proven successful, so Disney is not slowing down. In the coming months, Disney fans will see The Little Mermaid, Snow White, and The Haunted Mansion come to the cinema.

And now we learn that Disney has ordered a pilot episode for Disney+ based on another classic film series, Witch Mountain.

Escape to Witch Mountain

Credit: Disney

Escape to Witch Mountain first premiered in 1975 and was such a big hit that Disney made two more movies — Return from Witch Mountain (1978) and Beyond Witch Mountain (1982). Then, in 1995, Disney created a made-for-TV version of Escape to Witch Mountain. 14 years after that, Disney brought the franchise back to life with The race to the witch mountaina film that starred Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, AnnaSophia Robb, Carla Gugino and Alexander Ludwig.

The race to the witch mountain

Credit: Disney

According to reports, Disney has greenlit a pilot episode for a new tale of Witch Mountain series. We don’t yet know a title, but we do know that the Disney+ series will be helmed by Bryce Dallas Howard. Howard has worked with Disney on several projects, including The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fettand the live-action remake, Pete’s Dragon.

Pete's Dragon

Credit: Disney

Variety have learned more about the characters and shared the following:

Audrey (played by Howard)

“Devoted and loving mother of Tia. Her husband died of a mental illness, and she tries to reassure a nervous Tia that she shows no signs of following her father’s dark spiral. A warm mama bear type, but like everyone in this town, not everything is what it seems.”

Tia (played by Isabel Gravitt)

“A straight-A student who is seen by her classmates as ‘perfect’, even though she sees herself as flawed. Terrified of failure, she is plagued by nightmares and fears that her late father’s schizophrenia is starting to show in her. Tia has ‘hallucinations’ where people around her step outside their living bodies and express their deepest, darkest fears and desires and rages.”

Escape to Witch Mountain

Credit: Disney

Ben (played by Levi Miller)

“A troubled teenager who makes ends meet by writing assignments for other students, but he has a hot temper and if he hits another student, he gets expelled. Ben is best friends with Corey, his colleague at the diner. He has recently made a disturbing discovery about himself, he can force others around him to move according to his will, and that is something that inexplicably draws him in Tia’s direction.”

Corey (played by Brandi Norwood)

“Ben’s closest friend, an outsider with tattoos. Corey is a very mature teenager who comes across as older than they are. They are one step away from expulsion and put more emphasis on looking like a My Chemical Romance song turned anime fan. Corey works at the local diner with Ben and is in his circle of trust, but doesn’t appreciate it when he tries to act as their protector.”

Beyond Witch Mountain

Credit: Disney

Peter (played by Jackson Kelly)

“Peter is infatuated with Tia, but she is oblivious to his charm, and equally oblivious to his devotion. But when Tia expresses her concerns about the seemingly impossible events around them, she learns that Peter’s observant, cautious nature can be an asset in unraveling the mystery around them.”

For now, we don’t know if the show will make it past the pilot episode. However, Howard has a very good track record with Disney, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see at least one season come to fruition. This is not the only project Howard has in the works with Disney. She is also set to direct Disney’s reboot of The Navigator’s Flight.

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