New to Disney+ Today (US)

New to Disney+ Today (US)

Here’s a look at everything coming to Disney+ in the US today.



Director by Night – Premiere

Acclaimed composer Michael Giacchino made his directorial debut with Marvel Studios’ special presentation “Werewolf by Night”. “Director by Night” explores Giacchino’s vision, style and approach to bringing the chilling story to life, as well as providing a behind-the-scenes look at the production of “Werewolf by Night.”

Marvel Studios Legends

“King T’challa”
The Black Panther has been a protector of Wakanda for generations. A mantle passed from warrior to warrior. LEGENDS recalls T’Challa’s tenure as the iconic champion, reliving the tragic battle against Killmonger who sought to take Wakanda’s throne from T’Challa and wage war on the world. LEGENDS also remembers the critical role Black Panther played in the epic battle to thwart Thanos.

“Princess Shuri”
Princess of Wakanda. Sister of T’Challa. Genius in vibranium-based technology. Shuri, who first appeared in 2018’s “Black Panther,” proved to be a forward-thinking inventor with an irreverent sense of humor. LEGENDS recalls Shuri’s struggle to save Wakanda from the despotic plans of Killmonger, and relives the terrifying moments when the princess stood with the Avengers to oppose Thanos.

“Dora Milaje”
The Dora Milaje is an elite fighting force made up of Wakanda’s fiercest female warriors, and LEGENDS relives their extraordinary exploits in the MCU. The episode reviews how General Okoye and her vibranium-wielding soldiers fought valiantly to reinstate T’Challa as their king once the truth of his fate was revealed, and highlights the Dora Milaje’s relentless campaign to crush the armies of Thanos.

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The gift

Ocean’s Breath

Deep within our ocean waters, countless megacities of life-sustaining coral are being suffocated at an astonishing rate. Spurred on by the dire situation, two National Geographic explorers embark on an eye-opening journey through the past, present and future of coral reefs, searching for solutions that will help save these ancient creatures from extinction.

Saving Notre Dame

Saving Notre Dame documents the immediate aftermath of the devastating fire and the first year of efforts to save the cathedral from collapsing. Embedded with architects, archaeologists, engineers and all the special crafts needed to rebuild (carpenters, builders), this series captures unique human stories and bears witness to the progress and difficulties of this challenging mission.

Shorts donation

The Green Family hosts Shortsgiving, featuring shorts from several different shows and a never-before-seen treat.

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