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Netflix, Spotify, Disney +, Apple Music: Are You Paying Too Much for Subscriptions?

Netflix, Spotify, Disney +, Apple Music: Are You Paying Too Much for Subscriptions?

Whether it’s a power service, cloud storage or a food delivery app, online subscriptions can increase rapidly.

While the monthly payments may seem quite small on their own, a quick audit reveals the surprisingly true cost.

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But with a few insider tips, you can have everything you need and still save money.

Subscription meat boxes, music and TV streaming, Google Drive or Dropbox, even training apps – as you go through your account line by line, you may be surprised at how many recurring payments come out.

And sometimes it’s for services you no longer use.

“It’s far too easy to sign up for multiple subscriptions without really knowing how invested you are,” said technology expert Geoff Quattromani Sunrise.

TV streaming services

Financial Comparison Service Mozo found that if you pay for Netflix, Stan, Disney + and Binge – both you and your wallet can feel the strain.

Paying for the four services alone, even on the most basic available plans, can give you a monthly total of $ 42.98.

Throughout the year, it amounts to more than $ 500.

“While most streaming services advertise their monthly subscription fee, some of them actually offer you (the chance) to pay a year in advance in full,” said Mozo’s Claire Frawley.

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How much do your subscriptions cost? Credit: Mozo / Sunrise

Paying annually, instead of monthly, can save you extra money.

If you are required to set reminders, free trial jumping can also save you a lot of time.

Brittany Mobbs from Sydney likes to cycle through two services at a time.

“I usually like to watch which movies and TV shows are on which streaming services, so then I only have two trips per month, and I usually rotate them every other month,” Mobbs said.

Do you pay for subscriptions you no longer use? Credit: cyano66/Getty Images / iStockphoto

You can get over six months of streaming for free, but don’t forget free-to-air platforms like 7plus.

“With free TV services, there are thousands of hours of content there, and you do not have to pay anything,” said Finders Angus Kidman.

As well as catching up on TV favorites such as Home away and Big Brother7plus hosts a number of exclusive shows and blockbusters, which currently include Bad Boys II, Bombshell, Basic Instinct, Total Recall and Cliffhanger.

Up in the cloud

Don’t forget to check your cloud storage as well.

“Most of us run out of storage space on our smartphones very quickly, so a cloud subscription definitely helps make sure all your files are backed up and stored in the cloud,” Quattromani said.

But there are ways to save.

“One of the cool things we’re starting to see in subscriptions is the ability to share family,” Quattromani explained.

Assemble your cloud storage to save. Credit: Issaro Prakalung/Getty Images / EyeEm

Apple has an option where you can have 2TB for $ 9.99 per month.

You can also pack iCloud with up to five other services like Apple Music and Apple TV.

Google also offers up to 15 GB of free storage, shared between Disk and Gmail.

Stream it

When it comes to competing music platforms, Spotify offers Premium Family – with six accounts for $ 18.99, and a one-month free trial to begin with.

YouTube Music also enhances its streaming game, and boasts a larger catalog than any other music service, including live performances and remixes.

While the heavily priced Premium option removes ads and has a better mobile experience, the ad-supported option is still a great option for listening to your favorite music for free.

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