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Netflix remains the content king, but follows Apple TV +, HBO Max, Disney + in quality – The Streamable

Netflix remains the content king, but follows Apple TV +, HBO Max, Disney + in quality – The Streamable

Despite the rumor that the streaming service is in the final stages, Netflix continues to lead in the amount of content it provides to its subscribers, but the quality of the library can not be compared with the biggest competitors, Apple TV +, HBO Max and Disney + according to a study by Self Financial . The new report looks at IMDb’s overall ratings, and compares each major service’s library size, quality, and cost-to-value ratio.

The autonomous report examines the quality of content from the industry’s current top eight streaming services and breaks down user-reported scores in an effort to determine which streamer provides the most value for customers’ money. The system uses 10-star ratings, with Self Financial rating content with eight stars and above as “excellent”, six to eight as “good”, and the rest as “OK” or “bad”.

With over 6,000 entries in the library, Netflix has the largest of the current stream of streamers, more than the top four quality competitors combined. Nevertheless, the IMDb score indicates that the quality is lacking compared to the same services, and is around 73%. Conversely, Apple TV + leads in quality with almost 90% of the offered programs and movies receiving a six-star review or better, even though the library of the new service is uniquely small with only 147 titles. The next leader in quality is HBO Max at 83%, as well as Disney + and Peacock with 78% ratings.

When you include the subscription costs, Apple TV + is the big loser according to Self Financial, as the price of $ 4.99 per month does not seem to justify the meager offer. Nevertheless, the service still retains the loyalty of consumers looking for services based solely on content quality. The study shows that Netflix offers its customers more for their money, with 270 “excellent” and “good” programs available for every dollar subscribers spend. Prime Video comes in second place for value, with 25 “excellent” and 53 “good” offers per dollar in the library.

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Although the Self Financial study may show that Netflix still provides the best value in content quality for dollars spent, it is more of a video-on-demand platform than the library. Consumers can value quality content and gravitate towards the best deals in that regard, but other factors, including screen availability and content variation, also influence customers’ decisions.

A recent report also indicated that for customers who cancel their Netflix subscription, they disproportionately turn to Apple TV + and Disney + for power needs.

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