Marvel has failed again on Disney+

Marvel has failed again on Disney+

Werewolf by Night did not appear in the Nielsen ratings when it was released on Disney+.

By James Brizuela | Published

Things have been slow on the Marvel front when it comes to content being released on Disney+. The last bomb was Werewolf at night, which did not appear in the Nielsen ratings when it was released on October 7. The Halloween special didn’t get enough watches to appear on the “Originals” list at all, meaning another Marvel property has seemingly failed on the streaming platform.

The problem for many Marvel fans is that most are now suffering from superhero fatigue as the MCU continuously pumps out material for the world to see via movies in theaters or on Disney+. At some point, audiences will not be able to absorb everything that is released, or they will simply lose interest based on how much content is readily available to be viewed. Werewolf at night was a special that sort of flew under the radar and it wasn’t marketed very well, at least to us.

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Werewolf at night is also a story that may not be well known to those who aren’t avid comic readers, as Marvel certainly tried something more for the “hardcore” fans of comics by releasing the special on Disney+. There are tons of people who only watch the movies and shows but have never taken an interest in the cartoons that serve as inspiration. It could be that people weren’t familiar enough with the story of Were by Night to want to give it a fair chance.

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Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal plays the main role Werewolf at night as Jack Russell/Werewolf by Night, and the film follows a group of monster hunters fighting for a relic known as the “Blood Stone”. They do so while being chased by a beast that is also implanted with one and happens to be Russell’s friend whom he intended to rescue from captivity. While the special wasn’t a hit for Disney+, it was still pretty entertaining and something Marvel should invest more time trying to promote.

Disney gives Marvel the opportunity to experiment with different properties, which is also good. The superhero fatigue may be because everyone has seen the same characters for years now and wants to see something a little more fresh and new. Werewolf at night may not have been a “hit” but it was still wonderfully produced. We hope that there will be more “off the wall” types of Marvel stories like this told in the future.

Although Werewolf at night wasn’t a hit on Disney+, according to Nielsen ratings, fans may have watched it a lot more during the week of Halloween. The ratings shot up for the week the werewolf special was released only accounts for a few days, meaning it may have garnered a lot more attention in the following weeks. Again, here’s hoping Disney isn’t going to let the ratings of an experimental special keep it from trying different stories in the future.

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