Loki season 2 photos reveal first look at Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson and Sophie Di Martino’s return

Loki season 2 photos reveal first look at Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson and Sophie Di Martino’s return

A new Disney+ teaser has revealed a new look at the upcoming second season of Marvel’s Loki, teasing several Lokis working together for TVA.

The second season of Marvel Studios Loki is likely one of the most anticipated shows coming to Disney+ in 2023. Now as part of a new upcoming montage released by the platform, fans have a first look at Tom Hiddleston‘s return as the God of Mischief, along with new photos of Owen Wilson‘s Mobius M. Mobius and Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie Laufeydottir from the series.

Loki hit Disney+ in 2021 and became an instant hit, becoming the biggest show on the platform. The series was the third Marvel Studios release on Disney+, picking up Loki after the events of Avengers: Endgame when his self in 2012 was able to escape custody thanks to the confused part of the time heist that gave him the Tesseract. After discovering that he was now a rogue variant, Loki became involved in the work of the Time Variance Authority, eventually meeting many other variants of himself, including Sylvie; a female variant. By the end of the season, Loki had inadvertently played a role in killing a low-level version of the would-be villain Kang the Conqueror, breaking the “sacred timeline.” Where this takes him in season two is something fans can’t wait to find out. Check out the pictures below.


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Loki season two will be a multiverse adventure

The Citadel at the End of Time- Loki
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Earlier this year, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seemed like it was going to really open up the layers of the multiverse, but ended up disappointing many. Loki Now it looks like it will pick up some of the slack by throwing the fan-favorite character headlong into his own time and universe-spanning second season that’s sure to please fans just as much as the first.

Loki will certainly have a lot to live up to, and that means a lot of pressure on the new team behind the second season. After bringing Loki back from the dead, writer Michael Waldron and Kate Herron are not returning as lead writer and director, respectively. This time the writing duties will fall to Eric Martin, while Moon Knight directing duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead step into the director’s seat. Previously, Moorhead discussed where they plan to take the second season, saying:

“I think the biggest thing about Loki is just that it’s actually a lot like Moon Knight, where there’s just no reason to do it if it’s not going to be something new and fresh. And so our gloves are off and we get a way do what we want. And everyone at Marvel and ourselves get really excited when we’re presented with the unexpected. Of course, we also hope that people watching feel the same way, and we’re going to bring all of that to Loki. “

Many fans are hoping that whatever happens in season two of the series, Loki will find his way back into the main storyline of the MCU and be reunited with his brother Thor. With Chris Hemsworth hinting that he’s almost ready to hang up his Marvel boots, it could be possible that the conclusion of the Multiverse Saga will see the brothers exit the franchise together in what would surely be as iconic a moment as Tony Stark’s. Final game death.

Loki Season 2 will premiere on Disney+ in the summer of 2023.

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