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Jude Law’s Star Wars Disney + show gets exciting update

Jude Law’s Star Wars Disney + show gets exciting update

Lucasfilm continues to use Disney + extensively to expand its Star Wars history, most recently with Ewan McGregors Obi-Wan Kenobi and Temuera Morrison’s The book by Boba Fett. Also in the works, some more mysterious excursions are centered in the galaxy far, far away, such as the recently announced Skeleton crewled by MCU veteran Jude Law.

Law will team up with Star Wars gurus Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, as well Spider-Man: No Way HomeJon Watts as the director of this unique adventure after episode VI of Disney +. The series is said to feature a cast of young newcomers to the Star Wars universe, though the plot details for the most part remain a mystery before production on the show begins.

Although the plot details are still unknown, Skeleton crew is said to feel similar to the animated one The Clone Wars the series, which took a look at the action at ground level outside the Jedi Order. Now, in the latest update around this new show, fans have a sense of when they can expect cameras to start rolling for Jude Law and the company.

Skeleton Crew near production start

Bespin Bulletin revealed that Lucasfilm’s Skeleton crew the series is now officially filmed before its debut at Disney +. The show will reportedly have cameras rolling until December this year, although no release date has been announced yet.

Recording began in late June at Manhattan Beach Studios, which will also serve as a recording location for Ahsoka after doing the same for Mandalorianen, Obi-Wan Kenobiand The book by Boba Fett. More of the footage will take place at an undisclosed location in Culver City, California, and at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

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Jude Law’s Star Wars project is approaching

More than anything else, this news indicates that Star Wars’ Disney + venture is in full swing and continues with the same efficiency that has been in place for most of the last three years.

Filming takes place at the same venue as three other major Star Wars Disney + shows, Jude Law’s Skeleton crew should be able to fit in seamlessly and have the same level of production as everything that came before it. Whether this new entry will use some of the same sets or technology as the other shows is still unknown, but the placement that is the same will at least provide the same level of consistency.

With filming underway, there are hopefully more updates on the story and characters on the way in the near future. This year will end with Diego Lunas Andor and season 2 of The Bad Batch at Disney +, which gives plenty of time for Skeleton crew and more to take the spotlight in 2023 and beyond.

Skeleton crew is currently being recorded and will be released on Disney + sometime in 2023.

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