Is the movie on Disney+, HBO Max or Netflix?

Is the movie on Disney+, HBO Max or Netflix?

Director James Cameron broke his own box office records Titanic when the original Avatar was released in 2010. Over a decade later, Avatar: Way Of The Water is also expected to draw millions of people worldwide to theaters during the 2022 holiday season. It’s also likely to be seen by even more people and much, much differently than the original film was, given the amount of streaming services available now that didn’t exist back then .

Avatar 2 is the first of an expected four sequels to come, and notably this one takes place in a different region of Pandora years after the events of the original — instead of the jungles of Omaticaya, the drama takes place by the sea (that’s the way of the water, after all) with The Metkayina people. Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington reprise their roles as Neytiri and Jake, respectively; they are now the clan leaders with a whole family, including an adopted daughter played by Sigourney Weaver.

There is a lot to catch up on. So much so, in fact, that Cameron gave Worthington a script he called Avatar 1.5 who filled in some of the events between the films so that he could read up before filming Avatar 2. “I said, ‘When are we shooting this? Because this is amazing,'” Worthington told Collider of receiving the script from Cameron. “He’s like, ‘No, no. It’s just something I wrote over the last year to give you his story. And then I lent it to Zoe.”

When will Avatar 2 Be available for streaming?

Avatar: The Way of the Water hits theaters on December 16, 2022, and because it’s a Disney property, it’ll likely end up streaming exclusively on Disney+ at a later date. That means it won’t be on HBO Max (they only stream Warner Bros. content for now) or Netflix anytime soon. It may also take some time for the movie to arrive on Disney+, as the service typically releases movies to stream about 45 days after their theatrical release. However, if Avatar: The Way of the Water ends up being a huge box office hit like the original, which stayed in theaters for nearly a year, Disney may delay its streaming release even further.

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That said, if you want to refresh your memory of the ongoing war in the fictional land of Pandora, you can stream Avatar on Disney+, Amazon or YouTube.

What critics say about Avatar: The Way Of Water?

When the first Avatar film was released, it was met with skepticism despite its wide box office success. CNN’s Brian Lowry believes people shouldn’t wait to stream the sequel, and should instead head to a theater to bask in its cinematic glory. “Ultimately, though The way of the water melting away any skepticism that it might be too late or too long to return to Pandora. For a franchise that popularized the ‘I see you’ line, the director has crafted a sequel that truly deserves to be seen, not from the couch, but on the biggest screen you can find.”

Indiewire called it a “swimming improvement” from the original, while GuardianPeter Bradshaw was unfazed by the visual effects and the story in general. “The submarine world of this film is, in a way, the protagonist and the whole point. The move from land-based to sea-based existence is how a new film was created,” he wrote. “But the sea world is imagined with a lot of cliché. Honestly, there isn’t a single interesting visual, and it all has the non-salty smell of a MacBook Pro. Mission Nemo was more alive. And what do we find apart from the high-tech visual superstructure? The fluidly bland plot is like a children’s story without humor; a YA story without the emotional hurt; an action thriller without the hard edge of real suspense.”

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Given the difference in reviews, it’s worth seeing for yourself, in theaters or streaming next year.

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