Is Avatar 2 coming to Disney+ in January 2023?

Is Avatar 2 coming to Disney+ in January 2023?

After what feels like 84 years, Avatar: The Way of Water, the sequel to James Cameron’s Oscar-winning 2009 film Avatar, has finally hit theaters, where it has brought in money for Disney. As many expected, Avatar 2 has become one of the most talked about films over the years as well as one of the most successful.

As Cameron has reminded us on more than a few occasions, Avatar: The Way of the Water is a film that is best seen in theaters, and audiences have taken these comments to heart. The film’s global box office has been impressive. But for those who can’t make it to the theaters or simply aren’t willing to pay the high cost of a ticket, the wait is waiting for the film to launch on Disney+.

Unfortunately, it’s a wait that’s going to continue into the new year as Disney has confirmed Avatar 2 will not be coming to Disney+ in January 2023. While there are some great titles coming in the first month of the new year, Avatar 2 is not among the confirmed list of January 2023 additions.

While that’s disappointing, it’s not too surprising, as Disney tends to hold back its bigger blockbusters a bit longer than smaller films in order to bring in as much revenue from box office sales as possible. The good news, though, is that the movie is coming to Disney+ eventually, just not as quickly as some fans might like.

Avatar 2 Disney+ Release Date Predictions

Granted Avatar: The Way of the Water released in theaters on December 16, it’s not expected that we’ll see the film released on Disney+ until February or even March 2023. While Disney+ will eventually become home to films from the Walt Disney Studios brands, big blockbusters don’t often come on streaming platform until at least 60 days after the film’s cinema premiere.

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Using the 60-day window as a starting point, the absolute earliest we could see Avatar 2 arriving on Disney+ will be February 14; however, this date seems unlikely given that it is a Tuesday. It’s also unlikely that Disney will go with a shorter exclusive theatrical window for Avatar 2 given the budget behind the film and the studio’s desire to bring in as much as possible at the box office.

March 1st would put us at the 75 day window. So what seems most likely is that Disney will release Avatar: The Way of the Water sometime around that date, whether it’s late February or early March.

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