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Doctor Strange 2 gets Marvel Studios’ Assembled Featurette on Disney +

Doctor Strange 2 gets Marvel Studios’ Assembled Featurette on Disney +

Go behind the scenes with Stephen, Wanda and Pizza Poppa!

While Thor: Love and thunder just arrived in theaters, many Marvel fans still can not get over Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. Since the film debuted in theaters last May, it has united both comic book and horror fans with its genre-bending horror. Doctor Strange 2 has been on Disney + for a couple of weeks now and is preparing for the Blu-ray release later this month, but one of the best parts of Marvel Phase 4 has been the long documentaries behind the scenes that have followed each new release. . Now Marvel has announced the next documentary in Marvel Studios’ assembled series with the title Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. They released a new trailer for the documentary, and it is now available for streaming on Disney +.


The trailer takes us through what Marvel fans have been waiting for with these approximately hour-long special offers. We get teases from the various cast and crew interviews that include Elizabeth Olsen, Benedict Cumberbatchand director Sam Raimi. However, this new behind-the-scenes documentary feels a little more special compared to previous releases for several reasons. The biggest thing is that this Marvel Studios’ assembled hosted by Pizza Poppa himself Bruce Campbell. The genre actor has been a long-term collaborator with Raimi since they worked together on the horror classic The wicked died in 1981. That film had a huge influence on the artistic style and tone of Multiverse of madness.

Campbell also came later in all three of Raimi Spider man Movies. Because of that, the fans were very hopeful that the actor would play a role in the film Doctor Strange the sequel and his rendition of the now iconic Pizza Poppa did not disappoint. Campbell’s amazing voice is perfect for a special like this and is guaranteed to make many fans really happy.

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The second reason why this behind-the-scenes documentary feels more significant is because Doctor Strange 2 had such a large genre departure compared to the rest of the MCU. This was a full-fledged PG-13 horror film with Scarlet Witch as its scary star and the brilliant artistic vision that genre fans have fallen in love with from a Raimi production. These documentaries are already the kind of good bread and butter content that movie fans love, with fantastic insight into what went into each creative decision. Especially listening to the filmmakers talk about our favorite superhero movies is just music to our ears.

The horror elements and the insanely engaged as well as scary performance from Olsen’s Scarlet Witch only contribute to this special’s must-see quality. Raimi’s return to both Marvel and horror was a very twisted and fun time at the cinema. It is wonderfully highlighted by this trailer that also teases that Marvel will not be finished with the multiverse anytime soon.

You can watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness below. Both the documentary and Multiverse of madness now streaming on Disney +:

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