Disney+ shows Star Wars timeline order in new Andor trailer

Disney+ shows Star Wars timeline order in new Andor trailer

Expectation to Andor, Lucasfilm’s third live-action Disney+ series from 2022, continues to build ahead of its September launch. With Diego Luna reciprocating his Rogue One role of Cassian Andor, this particular series might just be Lucasfilm’s most unique and ambitious show to date.

As well as being filmed on location and without the volume, Andor exists both as a spin-off and a prequel to the 2016s Rogue One. Although it is limited to a certain time, Andor has been creative in that the 12-episode season is set five years earlier Rogue One and will span a year of Cassian’s life.

The series’ already confirmed second season will also consist of 12 episodes, but will cover four years through the use of time jumps.

To help the audience understand exactly when and where Andor belongs in the history of that galaxy far, far away, Lucasfilm has released a new promo that explains what viewers need to know.

Andor’s place in the Star Wars timeline explained

A new trailer for Andor on Disney+ has highlighted the Star Wars timeline order and explained when the events of the new show take place and their influence.

In the promo, narrated by Cassian Andor’s Diego Luna, Star Wars shows a snippet of the Star Wars timeline centered on the events leading up to the 1977s A new hope.

The direct image

Luna explains it Andor occurs before A new hopebefore the creation of the Death Star, and before “a team of rebels known as Rogue One unites for the first time.”

As footage from the upcoming series plays, Luna goes on to say that a thief named Cassian Andor “will be thrown on a journey that sparks the birth of a rebellion and sets in motion everything you’ve learned.”

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Check out the full trailer below:

Why Andor is important to the Star Wars timeline

Chronological order has never been the Star Wars way. But when it comes down to it Andoris even more complicated for a general audience since Cassian died at the end of Rogue One.

It’s likely that Lucasfilm is trying to get out in front of these inevitable questions with this trailer; but in doing so, the studio achieves something else.

One of the common complaints with prequels is that the audience already knows the ending.

Since it is a known fact that Cassian does not survive Rogue Onecasual viewers need to know why this story is important.

As Diego Luna explains when Andor takes place, he also communicates the meaning of this narrative by saying that Cassian’s journey “triggering the birth of a rebellion” and “put into action everything you have learned”.

This is not just Cassian’s story; it is the origin of the rebel alliance. And what happens throughout the show is responsible for the events of the original trilogy and beyond.

Therefore, that is what Star Wars is trying to say Andor is just supplementary storytelling squeezed into a slot on the timeline. Instead, it is the reason for everything that happens after it.

The three-episode premiere of Andor debuts on Disney+ on September 21.

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