Disney+ renews ‘The Santa Clauses’ – as demand drops 12% for The Tim Allen Show

Disney+ renews ‘The Santa Clauses’ – as demand drops 12% for The Tim Allen Show

In this weekly data series powered by Parrot Analytics, we look at the best breakout shows of the past week. Breakout shows are the most requested series that premiered in the last 100 days.

Disney+’s “The Santa Clauses” ranks 10th on this week’s list of most requested new series with 18.3 times the average series demand, according to Parrot Analytics data, which takes into account consumer research, streaming, downloads and social media, including commitment.

While this is a 12% drop from last week, it didn’t stop Disney+ from announcing on Wednesday that it had already renewed the Tim Allen series for a second season. It’s too early to decide whether the show will stay or slip off the rankings next week, considering we’re heading into the holiday season and viewers typically gravitate to this kind of content this time of year — but a second-season renewal could encourage some addition buzz for the show.

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Meanwhile, “Wednesday” continues to be Netflix’s big new hit. While most new series released on Netflix are guaranteed to see high peaks in demand during their first week before tapering off during the second, few shows continue to grow in demand the way “Wednesday” has in its second week . The series saw a further 42% increase in demand this week as well, topping the ratings and cementing itself as a formidable force in the Netflix library with 59.7 times more demand than the average series.

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Jenna Ortega’s performance playing the titular character has also gone viral online, with fans recreating her dance on the show which was choreographed by the actress herself – which of course could help spread buzz about the show.

Demand for Disney+’s “Andor” fell another 15% this week, placing the show in second place in the rankings, just ahead of Amazon Prime Video’s “The Peripheral,” which had 28.7 times the average demand for the series. The Prime Video series ended on December 2nd, and has had a relatively decent performance so far, but doesn’t seem to be capturing the audience’s attention as well as the other new series have.

10 Most Wanted New Shows, 3-9  December 2022, USA (Parrot Analytics)

10 Most Wanted New Shows, 3-9 December 2022, USA (Parrot Analytics)

Paramount+’s “Tulsa King” moved up to fourth place on the chart while maintaining almost the same level of demand as last week. This is impressive considering the new releases that audiences have had access to in recent weeks, including of course Netflix’s “Wednesday.”

Disney+’s “Willow” was a new entrant to the top ranking of new series this week, taking over sixth place on the list with 20.6 times average series demand, up 15%. The increase in demand for the series comes immediately after the premiere on 30 November. A Lucasfilm and Imagine Entertainment production, this is a highly anticipated release for fans of the fantasy adventure series and of the 1988 prequel film of the same name.

Meanwhile, audience interest in Netflix’s “1899” continues to decline, with the series seeing a further 39% drop in demand this week. “1899” had a very successful run after its release, but viewers seem to have found other content to focus on, with the show having 18.6 times its series average demand – a far cry from last week when it had 30.5 times the average demand for the series. . It is quite likely that the show could slip off the rankings in the next couple of weeks.

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