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Disney + releases trailer for ILM documentary series “Light & Magic”

Disney + releases trailer for ILM documentary series “Light & Magic”

Even people who do not pay much attention to how movies are made, tend to know the name “Industrial light and magic”. The legendary company for visual effects has had its hand in some of the biggest and most visually impressive films of the last 50 years, and built essentially an entire industry in its quest to produce a single film back in 1977. Now the ILM story will be told, from the perspectives of the people who made it happen.

Later this month, Disney will release Light and magica six-part documentary series directed by none other than The empire strikes back and Raiders of the Lost Ark author Lawrence Kasdan, who depicts the inner story of the birth, development and legacy of the ILM, with unparalleled access to the people who lived it all. The trailer for the series, which will stream on Disney +, arrived Thursday morning, teasing a massive story with ripple effects across the film industry, with input from ILM’s masterminds themselves, as well as filmmakers including George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, and Ron Howard.

Check out the trailer below:

Industrial Light & Magic appeared during the production of Star Wars, when Lucas realized he needed a dedicated team of people to create visual effects that he hoped would look like no other sci-fi movie of the time. So ILM’s first major project was to execute the many VFX images in Star Wars, which of course became one of the most popular films in cinema history. Since then, the list of ILM contributions to filmmaking has continued to swell, and has included everything from helping launch Pixar to developing tools like Photoshop to, today, using virtual sets like The Volume to create series with bl .a. Mandalorianen. Along the way, they had a hand in it Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, and many other big movies. Seeing their story unfold in a long-winded style with the support of some of the biggest names in entertainment is guaranteed to be a fascinating ride.

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Light and magic coming July 27 at Disney +.

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