Disney Plus not working on Apple TV (QUICK FIX!)

Disney Plus not working on Apple TV (QUICK FIX!)

It can be incredibly frustrating when you sit down to watch some of your favorite movies and shows on Disney+, but for some reason you experience a technical problem and Disney Plus doesn’t work on Apple TV.

We’ve got you covered with some easy ways to fix Disney+ on Apple TV.

Why doesn’t Disney Plus work on Apple TV?

The number one reason Disney+ isn’t working as expected on Apple TV is due to connectivity issues.

Disney+ is usually a pretty stable streaming service and issues are pretty few and far between, but like all streaming services they sometimes don’t work as expected.

There are usually several reasons why Disney+ doesn’t work on Apple TV. We’ve listed some of the most common methods to get Disney+ back up and running on Apple TV.

Disney Plus Not Working on Apple TV (How to Fix It!)

We recommend starting with method 1 and working your way down and completing all the methods if problems persist. If all else fails, contact Disney+ for further assistance. We have details on how to contact Disney+ here.

The methods below will help you fix the following Disney+ Apple TV issues:

  • Disney+ freezes or crashes
  • Disney+ caching on Apple TV
  • Disney+ won’t load on Apple TV
  • Problems signing in to Disney+ on Apple TV
  • And more!

Method 1: Force close the Disney Plus app

Force closing the Disney+ app on your Apple TV will fix most issues with Disney+. Here are the instructions on how to do this:

1. Open the Disney+ app.
2. On Siri remote controlpress the TV button

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twice quickly.
3. Swipe up to force close the app.
4. Open Disney+ again and test if the problem is solved.

Method 2: Reset Apple TV

This may sometimes feel obvious, but doing a quick Apple TV reset can make a real difference when you’re having trouble with the Disney+ app.

Method 3: Check your Internet connection

Disney+ requires a consistent and stable internet connection to work properly on Apple TV. If you have the option, connecting your Apple TV instead of using Wi-FI will usually mean a smoother experience. This is especially important if you experience buffering issues with Disney+.

To check your internet connection on Apple TV:

Using Siri Remote, select Settings > Network. Under Connection, make sure the network is correct. Then review the information below Status.

You may need to talk to your ISP for support as this could be a latency issue with your internet connection.

Method 4: Lower the power quality

To watch Disney Plus in HD, you need at least 5 Mbps, while 4K Ultra HD streaming needs at least 25 Mbps. If you have a slow internet connection, you will likely experience Disney+ caching issues on your Apple TV.

We have a solution that can do the trick. Lowering the video quality, especially if you have a slower internet connection, should resolve many buffering issues.

Here are the steps on how to lower the video quality on Disney+:

  1. First, open Disney Plus on your device and access your Profile.
  2. After that, go to App settings.
  3. Finally, choose Save data from the options and go back to watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

Method 5: Sign in to Disney+ again

Signing out of the Disney+ app will give things a fresh start and will often solve many problems.

  1. On your Apple TVfind Disney+ and open the app
  2. click on log out to complete the process.
  3. Log back into Disney+ and play a movie and TV show to see if that fixed the issue.

Method 6: Uninstall the Disney+ app

Uninstalling the Disney+ app is a critical step when you have issues with Disney+ on the app. When you uninstall the app, it will update everything, but also make sure you’re using the latest version of the Disney+ app.

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Disney constantly releases new updates for the app that often include bug fixes and performance improvements, so definitely make sure you have the latest version of the app.

Uninstall and reinstall the Disney+ app:

1. Select the app you want to delete, and press and hold the center of the clickpad
2. Press the Play/Pause button

for more options, then select Delete.
3. Head over to the Apple TV App Store and search for and install the Disney+ app
4. Watch a movie or TV show and see if the problem is now resolved.

Method 7: Update Apple TV

Apple releases firmware updates for Apple TV that always include bug fixes and performance improvements.

To update your Apple TV to the latest version:

  1. First, you open your Apple TV and access Settings.
  2. Navigate to System > Software updates.
  3. click on Update software and follow the on-screen instructions to update your Apple TV.

Go back to the Disney+ app and see if that fixed your issue.

Method 8: Reset the router

If all else fails, it’s always worth a try to reset your router to try to resolve Apple TV Disney+ issues. To reset the router, simply unplug it, and after 5 minutes, plug it back in. This will hopefully get things back on track.

Can’t AirPlay Disney Plus on Apple TV

If you can’t AirPlay from your iOS device to an Apple TV, make sure you’re on the same network on both devices so they can communicate with each other.

If problems persist, we recommend that you reset your iOS device and try again.

Can’t find the Disney+ app on Apple TV

Apple TV has been around for years now, but unfortunately you need one of the newer versions of Apple TV to watch Disney+.

Disney+ is only supported on Apple TV 4th generation, where you will not be able to use Disney+ on older versions of Apple TV.

Disney Plus is only supported on Apple TV if it’s running tvOS 11.0 or later.

Disney Plus audio does not work on Apple TV

If you’re having audio issues with Disney+, the first thing to check is to see if other apps are working. Can you hear sound when you watch something on Netflix for example?

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If everything else works as expected, this is likely a Disney+ issue. We recommend that you uninstall the Disney+ app and see if that fixes the problem.

You should also check the HDMI and make sure the connection between and Apple TV and TV or external speaker is fully plugged in. Audio signals are sent through the HDMI cable, so this must be in good condition. Try unplugging the HDMI cable to see if there is a loose connection.

You can also try adjusting the audio output and making sure it is set to the correct output:

Settings > Video & Sound > Audio Output

If the wrong output is selected, you will hear nothing! Make sure the correct audio output is used, such as headphones, the TV or even a sound bar.

Disney Plus shows black/blank screen on Apple TV

If your Disney+ or Apple TV shows a black or blank screen, it’s often because of the HDMI cable.

We recommend that you plug the HDMI cable all the way out and back in to make sure it’s plugged in all the way.

Check if Disney+ is down

It’s entirely possible that the problems you’re experiencing on Disney+ on Apple TV are completely out of your control. Sometimes Disney+ runs into technical issues, and when that happens, there’s nothing to do but wait for Disney to fix the issues.

You can read more information about how to check if Disney+ is down here.

Still having problems?

If the methods above didn’t help with Disney+ issues on your Apple TV, it’s time to do something. Disney+ has 24-hour customer service via phone or live chat. You can see all the details about contacting Disney+ here. Disney+ customer service will be able to figure out what the problem is and hopefully how to fix it.

Alternatively, it’s worth contacting Apple as they should be able to provide more steps on how to fix Disney+ issues.

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