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Disney + launches Light & Magic Trailer

Disney + launches Light & Magic Trailer

Younger generations of film fans can take for granted the diversity of impressive visual effects shown in modern films, most of which were made possible by the innovations of Industrial Light & Magic. The new documentary series Light and magic will chronicle the achievements and challenges of the House of Visual Effects, created by George Lucas when he realized the daunting work that would be required to fully realize his vision. Star Wars: A new hope back in the 70s. You can check out the trailer for Light and magic below before it premieres at Disney + July 27th.

Light and magican immersive series that depicts the countless stories of world-renowned Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), the special visual effects, animation and virtual production division of Lucasfilm.

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Lawrence Kasdan gains unsurpassed access and takes viewers on an adventure behind the curtain of Industrial Light & Magic. Learn about the pioneers of modern filmmaking as we embark on a journey to bring George Lucas’ vision to life. These filmmakers would then continue to inspire the entire industry of visual effects.

The series is directed by Lawrence Kasdan, and the executive producers are Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Justin Wilkes, Lawrence Kasdan, Kathleen Kennedy and Michelle Rejwan.

The House of Visual Effects shares on their website: “ILM has been a constant force driving the development of visual effects. Starting with a mastery of traditional arts with blue screen photography, matte painting and model and miniature construction, ILM advanced the art of optical composition and was pioneering the development of motion control photography, digital compositing and a number of other advances in effects technology, and since the 1980s ILM has led the way in the use of computer graphics and digital image processing in feature films, and has developed cutting-edge techniques such as morphing, enveloping and film technology. most recently, ILM unveiled its StageCraft real-time virtual production platform and StageCraft LED Stages that give storytellers the ultimate flexibility in how they plan, develop and capture their vision.

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“Today, ILM has one of the most comprehensive and advanced digital pipeline production pipelines in the entertainment industry, from the earliest creation of fully computer-generated characters in The abyss, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and Jurassic Park to the sensational digital breakthroughs in movies such as Twister, Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, and The perfect storm. ILM’s ability to merge photorealistic digital images with live-action footage is well-known throughout the industry. “

All six episodes of Light and magic premieres July 27, exclusively at Disney +.

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