Disney+ ad reveals new episode of “Dug Days” coming in 2023

Disney+ ad reveals new episode of “Dug Days” coming in 2023

Pixar Animation Studios had a sneaky little reveal for fans Disney+ series from the studio, Dug Days, Will definitely enjoy! They just have to keep an eye out for a new ad for the streaming service.

What’s up:

  • According to a tweet from Pixar Animation Studios with a new promo for Disney+ that not only features the upcoming series, Win or lose, but also mentions a new addition to the series, Digging days, with an installment entitled “Carl’s Date”.
  • Although we don’t know much about “Carl’s Date” beyond the fact that it will arrive sometime in 2023, and (based on the title) we will see how Carl re-enters the dating world after the death of his wife, Ellie, as fans witnessed though in the original film, Up.
  • Another question fans are sure to have is how will we hear/who will voice Carl. Originally voiced by the late Ed Asner, the legendary actor was still alive to record new dialogue for the original five episodes of the series, but has since passed on before this new installment. However, Pixar is no stranger to reusing older master footage to keep the same actor involved as their character. This was done with Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story 4, and even with children who have since grown up. Even Dug Days did this, with Russell actor Jordan Nagai no longer sounding like a junior explorer at the age of 21 during production, allowing filmmakers to get creative. The mined lines Jordan recorded but never used in Up, and you can still hear his youthful voice Dug Dayswhich debuted over a decade later.
  • This reveal only came through a 30-second Disney+ promo, and we expect a more formal announcement of the new Dug Days episode at some point in the near future that will likely have more details.
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  • Pixar Animation Studios Dug Days is a series of shorts that follows the humorous misadventures of Dug, the lovable dog from Disney and Pixar Animation Studios’ Up. Each card features everyday events that happen in Dug’s backyard, through the intriguing (and slightly distorted) eyes of our favorite talking dog. Written and directed by Oscar® nominee and Emmy® Award winner Bob Peterson.
  • Peterson has long understood why fans are so drawn to the character. “Dug is pure of heart – he is a good soul. I think people like that part of Dug, he says. “Also, people love their dogs. We have gone to great lengths to include truth in dog behavior, so they see their own dogs in Dug.”
  • We had the chance to sit down with Peterson and producer Kim Collins ahead of the show’s 2021 debut, and you can watch that interview below!

  • Dug Days’Carl’s Date” debuts in 2023, but you can stream the rest of the series now on Disney+.

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