CAT to Moving In With Malaika, what to watch on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video this weekend

CAT to Moving In With Malaika, what to watch on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video this weekend

By Anindita Mukherjee: It’s Saturday and while some of you have to party, others are already on the verge of canceling the plans they made at the start of the week. We have a better idea! Order some pizzas, brew some hot cocoa and let the bingo game do the talking. From CAT to moving in with Malaika, we give you everything you need to start frolicking in no time.


Harry and Meghan

The documentary series takes a look at Meghan Markle Prince Harry’s relationship. It highlights the challenges they face in their personal lives. Harry And Meghan was released on Netflix on December 8. Here is our review.


The highly anticipated series stars Randeep Hooda in the role of a former police informant tasked with infiltrating a drug empire. It debuted on Netflix on December 9.

Doctor G

The Ayushmann Khurrana-led film hit the screens on 14 October and ended up being a commercial failure. The comedy-drama now premieres on Netflix on December 11.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Season 2

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is an adaptation of the Spanish show of the same name. The Korean language series’ second season was released on December 9.

In broad daylight: the Narvarte case

The documentary explores the corruption behind the investigation into the murders of five people in Mexico in 2015. In Broad Daylight: The Narvarte Case was released on Netflix on December 8.


Moving in with Malaika

Malaika Arora made her OTT debut with the reality show Moving In With Malaika. The show will have a guest come over to the Chaiyya Chaiyya star’s home as she opens up about aspects of her life. From opening up about her relationship to her recent accident, Malaika gets candid like never before. The show has been streamed on Disney+ Hotstar from December 5.


Anjali and SPB Charan’s Fall is an official adaptation of Canadian miniseries, Vertige. The show is about a young woman who suffers from amnesia before her alleged suicide attempt.

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His Dark Materials 3

Lyra is an orphan who lives in a parallel universe where science, theology and magic are intertwined. Her search for a kidnapped friend uncovers a sinister plot involving stolen children that turns into a quest to understand a mysterious phenomenon called Dust. The third season has been streamed from December 6.


The Korean thriller is about a man whose eye has been taken away by organ hunters. But this has also resulted in him forming a ‘connect’ with the person who has received it. It will be streamed from 7 December.

Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again

The Night at the Museum series is getting an animated version for the first time. Considered as the overall fourth installment, the film has been streamed on Disney+ Hotstar from December 9.



Director Hari and Hareesh’s Yashoda is a commercial entertainer that talks about surrogacy and the fraud involved in cosmetic creams. The film saw Samantha playing the lead role.

Celeste and Jesse Forever

Released on December 5, Celeste and Jesse Forever is about Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones’ characters who play a divorced couple. The story follows how they try to remain friends in this rom-com.

Much like Christmas

An owner of a small Christmas tree lot is in trouble when a big box store starts selling trees! With Christmas around the corner, the film was released on December 6.

Something from Tiffany’s

This romantic film follows a girl who receives an engagement ring that belongs to someone else. The film was released on 9 December.

The Bad Guy

After a lifetime of heists, five villains face their biggest job yet – to be good people. No one has ever failed as hard at trying to be good as The Bad Guys launched on December 8.

La La Land

The 2016 release arrived on Amazon Prime Video on December 8. The story of the musical drama follows Sebastian, a pianist, and Mia, an actress, who follow their passion and achieve success in their respective fields. However, they find themselves torn between their love for each other and their careers.


Har Har Mahadev

Sharad Kelkar starred in the role of Baji Prabhu Deshpande, Chhatrapati Shivaji’s boss in Marathi epic historical action film Har Har Mahadev. Chhatrapati Shivaji’s role was played by Subodh Bhave. The film hit theaters on October 25 and is now streaming on Zee5.

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Coffee with Kadhal

Director Sundar C’s Coffee With Kadhal is a romantic comedy about three brothers and a sister, who go through a series of problems. The film features Jiiva, Jai, Srikanth, Dhivyadharshini and Raiza Wilson in important roles.



Faadu has an impressive cast headlined by Saiyami Kher and Pavail Gulati. It is about the intense romance between two characters who are extremely different from each other. Faadu released on SonyLiv on December 9.


Witness is a political drama directed by Deepak. The film, which is about manual scavenging, features Shraddha Srinath and Rohini. The film is a heartbreaking story about people who died during manual cleaning and how the system exploits them.


Hot Stove League

The show is based on a baseball team named Dreams. This team has been the poorest in the league for four years, which led to the resignation of their current manager. The team appoints a new general manager, Seung Su, who has no baseball experience. The show was released on December 7.

Warrior hunting

Released on December 10, Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt is India’s first reality series based on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The show will feature 16 of the top male and female MMA champions in India fighting each other in the ring.

Love Script

The 24-episode series follows Xuan Wen as he abandons his day-to-day responsibilities to concentrate on creating his castle. He leaves the management of his business to others. The Mandarin drama will be released on December 10.


Vengeance: Killer Coworkers

The story of the series revolves around a manager who is strangled in the office by a colleague. Victims who met their killers at work are spotlighted. From the investigation to the arrest, each case has its own twists and turns. The series premiered on Discovery+ on December 7.



Emancipation is an American historical action film directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Will Smith as an enslaved man in 1860s Louisiana who escapes his plantation. The film premiered on December 9.

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Little America Season 2

Inspired by true stories, Little America is a series that will tell the journey of Korean-American Luke Song, who helps his mother run a successful hat business. Moreover, the show will also highlight Kuje’s struggle as he chooses to pursue medical school despite his dream of becoming a creative artist. The new episodes arrived on Apple TV+ on December 9.


Christmas is cancelled

Directed by Prarthana Mohan, the family drama revolves around 29-year-old Emma (Hayley Orrantia), who discovers that her widowed, 52-year-old father (Dermot Mulroney) has been dating her high school nemesis. She freaks out and embarks on a fun, no-holds-barred mission to break them up during their annual family Christmas festivities. It has been streaming since December 9.

Senorita ’89

Exploring the dark side of 1980s beauty pageants in Mexico, Senorita 89 is a scandalous thriller from Oscar-winning producers Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín. The series delves behind the curtain of Latin America’s beauty pageant culture in the 1980s, where hidden among laughter, light and glitter lurks a dark and disturbing world. Senorita ’89 follows budding beauty queens from all over Mexico as they gather at an impressive ranch deep in the forest, where they must live for 3 months in an attempt to be crowned the next “Miss Mexico”. It streams on Lionsgate Play from December 9.



RathaSaatchi is an adaptation of writer Jeyamohan’s Kaithigal, which is produced by Anitha Mahendran. The film features Kanna Ravi, Harish Kumar, Elango Kumaravel, Kalyan Master and Madras Charles in important roles.

Urvasivo Rakshasivo

Written and directed by Rakesh Sashi, the film is about Sree Kumar (Allu Sirish) and Sindhujha (Anu Emmanuel), two people who have different ideologies when it comes to their relationship.

Happy binging!

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