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Best new movies and series at Disney + in July 2022

Best new movies and series at Disney + in July 2022

Summer is officially here, folks, and wow, Disney + has you covered for some seasonally appropriate entertainment! In addition to the final of Ms. Marvel, expect to find sausages, Mickey Mouse, teenagers who sing, dance and / or are the living dead, and just so many sharks. This is a rare month without new ones Star Wars or MCU property to dominate your viewing schedule, so take the opportunity to dive into the rabbit hole of the excellent ESPN and National Geographic content available on the platform.

(Said we mentioned haier?)

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The good, the bad, the hungry

Available: July 1st

Directed by: Nicole Lucas Haimes

With: Takeru Kobayashi, Joey Chestnut

What’s the summer without sausages, right? In this 2019 listing of ESPNs 30 for 30 documentary series, director Nicole Lucas Haimes dives deep into the world of competitive eating; specifically into 4th of Julyhis annual Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island. For years, this competition has been dominated by the rivalry between two champions: Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi. (Chestnut is the reigning champion from 2021.) If you’ve only ever thought of competitive eating as something stupid that everyone on an empty stomach can be good at, this documentary provides an opportunity to learn how serious exercise is, physically and emotionally. , for this sport is real.


Available: 4th of July

Narrated by: Michael B. Jordan

This new documentary series from National Geographic focuses on the diverse and amazing countries and animals of North America. Sometimes it can feel wild to remember that only this one continent contains both the mountains in the northwest and the steaming swamps in the southeast. There are alligators and moose and sea lions and bald eagles, all on a large part of the earth! Made by the award-winning filmmakers The planet earth, Frozen planet, and Disney Nature Serieswe can expect America the beautiful to be absolutely beautiful, and also hopefully an encouraging reminder of all the wonderful flora and fauna we must preserve and fight for.

The fantastic summer for Mickey Mouse

Available: July 8th

Directed by: Karl Hadrika, William Reiss, Eddie Trigueros

Cast: Chris Diamantopoulos as Mickey Mouse and Kaitlyn Robrock as Minnie Mouse

This special with Mickey and friends in the lead role is the third season feature in Mickey Mouse’s wonderful world. This author would argue that sometimes the very weight of the Mickey Mouse iconography can cause the character to appear a little bland and lack personality. (Selling tickets to theme parks is a serious matter!) The wonderful world segments has been a refreshing reminder that, in addition to being the faces of the largest media company in the world, Mickey and Minnie are stupid and crazy and well-suited to all kinds of insults.

SharkFest 2022

Beginning: July 10th

Ok, here we go! Do not tell the mayor of Amity Island, but there is shark content as far as the eye can see this month on Disney +. We have chosen to focus on this year SharkFest, starting July 10, available on Disney + as well as all National Geographic networks. SharkFest will be an expansive collection of new programming as well as updated and improved content. Do not be misled by sensational titles like When the sharks attack; National Geographic has done excellent work for years in educating the world about the sea’s most misunderstood predators. Sharks are essential to a healthy marine ecosystem, and it is up to all of us to learn how we can safely coexist with them. Also: sharks are very, very cool.

Available: July 15th

Directed by: Paul Hoen

Cast: Meg Donnelly, Milo Manheim, RuPaul (voice)

Look, I’m old now, so I admit I’m not up to date on this original Disney Channel movie series. But I remember my own summer evenings spent over a bowl of popcorn and a display of Johnny Tsunami or Brink! So who am I not to make sure that our current generation of DCOM enthusiasts knows what’s coming? Zombies 3 is set during the senior year of cheerleader Addison and, well, the zombie Zed. They go to Seabrook High in a city that is home to both humans and monsters! That’s pretty cool. Wait, hold on, apparently extraterrestrial beings appear in this one too ?! In the middle of Addison getting ready for the big cheer ?! Give the popcorn, kids, I’m staying up to check this out too. Do not sign on my face when I faint.

Available: July 27

Directed by: Lawrence Kasdan

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) are the geniuses and wizards behind so many of our favorite special effects in cinema history. From, of course, Star Wars to Back to the Future and further and further and further, ILM is an indisputable legend. This six-part documentary series, directed by none other than Lawrence Kasdan (Empire strikes back, just for the first time), will take viewers behind the scenes to tell the stories of the groundbreaking artists and engineers who have brought so many of our most beloved movie moments to life. Fans of film magic will definitely want to check this out!

Available: July 17th

Made of: Tim Federle

Cast: Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, Matt Cornett

Give it up to return the best and most specific title in the game! Season 3 brings high school theater nerds from the East High and sends them to Camp Shallow Lake, California. But wait, will there still be a musical production at this summer camp? You bet your s’mores exist! Our campers will be busy preparing for Frozen, perfect theme to beat the heat from «campfires, summer romances and curfew-free nights». Get ready for renditions of songs from Disney hotels like Camp Rock, Frozenand, of course, High School Musical.

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