Ahsoka’s Star Wars Future teased by the Rebels actress ahead of the Disney+ Show

Ahsoka’s Star Wars Future teased by the Rebels actress ahead of the Disney+ Show

When Rosario Dawson was cast as Ahsoka in live-action, many fans thought it could mean the end of the much-loved animated version of the character, who was voiced by Ashley Eckstein.

Fortunately, that was not the case, as she returned to voice the character in three parts of the recently released Tales of the Jedi on Disney+. But where will she appear next?

Chronologically, Ahsoka is next seen after her last episode of Narratives am in Star Wars: Rebels, where she is revealed to be the mysterious Rebel Fulcrum. However, after her last appearance there, the Star Wars timeline catches up to where the live-action content is now.

On the animated side, she can still end up in Star Wars: The Bad Batch at a time, which takes place shortly after Revenge of the Sith– Much of that time is unpredictable. Or could it be an unannounced project? According to the actress, she doesn’t even know.

What’s next for Animated Ahsoka?

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In an interview with ComicBook.com, Ahsoka voice actress Ashley Eckstein talked about returning to her fan-favorite character in Tales of the Jedi and what the future may hold for her character going forward.

When asked if there were any stories Eckstein would like to see done in the future, she leaned away and noted that “[she] leave[s] the writing of Dave [Filoni]” but the actress added that she loves exploring these “15 years apart Clone Wars and Rebels:”

“Oh, my God, I leave the writing to Dave and his writing staff, because they always just write the most incredible stories. So I don’t have any specific story ideas. But that bit of time between Clone Wars and Rebels, that’s a big, big chunk of time. A lot happened there. I mean, look what we accomplished in just two and a half years The Clone Wars. It’s like 15 years in between Clone Wars and Rebels? There is a lot to explore there. I would love to continue, if I ever had the chance, to explore that time frame.”

Eckstein joked that in her mind, “Ahsoka went off and ran a pony farm:”

“I joke that Ahsoka ran a pony farm, but we know she didn’t. She helped start a rebellion and did some incredible things. Some of my favorite moments with Ahsoka are how she inspires people and how she helps people. I can only imagine how many people she helped and inspired between now and then Tales of the Jedi and Star Wars Rebels.”

She then revealed how Filoni promised her she would “always be the voice of Ahsoka in animation,” but when it comes to the animated program currently airing, The Bad Batchthe actress made it clear that she “[hasn’t] recorded something for [it]:”

“Well, as I mentioned to you, Dave Filoni promised me that I would always be the voice of Ahsoka in animation, so I can say that I haven’t recorded anything for The Bad Batch, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I’m talking about throwing your dreams out into the universe. So it would be absolutely amazing if Ahsoka ever appeared on Bad Batch. But I haven’t recorded anything.”

In a separate interview with Looper, the actress talked about meeting Rosario Dawson, who plays Ahsoka in live-action, starting with her debut in The Mandalorian.

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Eckstein exclaimed about how “[she] was so excited” and that she “[didn’t shut [her] mouth:”

“With [Roasario Dawson], I was so excited. I didn’t close my mouth, I kept talking. We talked about…I was excited to share with her what Ahsoka means to people, and she’s seen it too. She shared some of her stories about things she’s seen on social media and how she likes to repost and like people’s Ahsoka posts… It’s amazing to see what people share about their love for Ahsoka or their cosplay. I had a chance to chat with her about how Ahsoka saves lives and changes lives.”

The actress revealed that the two will be at GalaxyCon Columbus in December, which will be the first time both will attend the same convention at the same time:

“Ahsoka is different than … any other character I’ve ever played. She goes beyond the screen. It was a very special moment to talk to Rosario about what Ahsoka means to people. We’re going to have our first convention where we’re going to . can go out there as one Team Tano and share our love for this character. I’m excited. We’ll be at GalaxyCon Columbus in December, so I’m excited for that.”

Where will Ahsoka appear?

Fans will likely be excited to hear how Eckstein wants to see more of her character explored between Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: Rebels. She even noticed what it’s like “a lot to explore there.”

But when Tales of the Jedi focused on that time frame, it ended up retelling the same story in 2015 Ahsoka the book did. Although, here it was stripped down, with characters and specific plot points removed or simply changed to something almost identical. It was an odd choice by Dave Filoni, to be sure.

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Because the actress is right – there are fifteen years of content waiting to be uncovered.

Although, when it comes to potentially appearing in The Bad Batchthe program may be too soon after Revenge of the Sith to show Ahsoka. At that point, she would probably still be in the middle of breeding court.

Depending on how long the show lasts, the fan-favorite Jedi could still return. Then there is the big possibility of future animated shows or another season of the recently released anthology show.

Given how present Star Wars is in pop culture right now, and with Ahsoka series coming next year, it almost certainly won’t be the last fans have heard Ashley Eckstein’s iconic version of the character.

Tales of the Jedi currently streaming on Disney+.

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