Ahead of Santa’s Disney+ premiere, Tim Allen admits Santa 3 was ‘infected’ by previous success

Ahead of Santa’s Disney+ premiere, Tim Allen admits Santa 3 was ‘infected’ by previous success

The Christmas season is just around the corner, but there’s only one week left until we’re reunited with Santa Claus… well, a specific version of Santa Claus. Tim Allen is back as the bearded gift giver The Santa Clauses, the miniseries that will stream exclusively to Disney+ subscribers. Allen last played Scott Calvin in 2006 The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, which received significantly more negative critical reception compared to the first two films. In fact, Allen has admitted that the reason the threequel failed to strike a chord with audiences was because it was “infected” by the success of its predecessors.

While talking about why he agreed to don the red suit again for The Santa Clauses and work with Last man standing Writer Jack Burditt when figuring out the miniseries’ story, Tim Allen mentioned that he wanted to “control it” on this project because “we overshot the runway on number three.” The THR interviewer later noted how Santa Claus 3 had a “different tone” compared to the previous films, to which Allen said:

What happened was that we were infected by our own success. [1994’s The Santa Clause] was huge, but we had about $11 for special effects. [2002’s The Santa Clause 2] was an extension of that, but now we could put lights in the window because we had more production money. By number three, all we had was money. The story kind of just got bigger and bigger. And the fact that Marty Short and I never did a scene together that was funny, I’ll go on, lol. He’s the funniest person I’ve ever been around, other than me, and we never got the chance to do a really big scene together.

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