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7 of the best Disney + series, according to Rotten Tomatoes

7 of the best Disney + series, according to Rotten Tomatoes

Of the growing number of streaming services available to the world, Disney + is one of the most popular. This is partly because pure Disney is not the only content available on this platform. In addition to the magic that has captivated audiences for almost a century, Pixar animation, the galactic adventures of Star Wars, the superhero powerhouse of MCU, and the natural world of National Geographic can be reached on this streaming service. This ensures that Disney + draws in all viewers who crave “all the best stories”.

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While fans and subscribers love to visit their favorite movie projects whenever they want, the excitement of Disney + comes not only from works from previous years. Some of the streaming service’s biggest successes come in the form of their own original series. And although a wealth of successful projects have been shown on the platform, there are some that stand out above all the others. Rotten Tomatoes considers these series to be the best Disney + has to offer.


‘The Imagineering Story’ (2019-): Ren Disneywalt-disney-world-opening-day-social-features

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Leslie Iwerks takes viewers on a journey through Disneyland. Walt Disneythe idea of ​​bringing a wonderful world of stories into the real world becomes the global expansion of the amusement park chain. The difficulties and the final success of this task are shown in the document series to The Imagineering Story.

Documentary is a quiet popular genre in cinematic entertainment, and it has been for decades. So when you link a documentary with Disney’s magic, you’ll get a documentary series that is guaranteed to get the highest ranking since its inception. The Imagineering Story has a Tomatometer score of 100%, and an audience rating of a record 97%.

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One of the first Disney + hit series was Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Set shortly after the fall of the Galactic Empire, Mandalorianen follows the title character (Pedro Pascal) on their adventures through the outer parts of a lawless galaxy. The original show received 93% from Rotten Tomatoes, with an audience score of 91%.

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Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian goes behind the scenes of the show, and gives fans a look at how the series was made with interviews and anecdotes from a host of the cast and crew. The Disney Gallery the series performed better than the current show, with 100% on the tomato meter and 95% audience points.

‘Diary of a future president’ (2020-2021): The student before the leader


The future could not have been possible without the past. Diary of a future president embraces this notion by showing Elena’s past and how it shaped her future. The series follows Elena (Tess Romero) through the trials and tribulations of elementary school as she grows and comes to her right. She writes her adventures in her diary so that her future self (and audience) can review her story.

The story of growing up went on for two seasons, but was canceled before a third season could be made. Elena’s teenage adventure, like many other Disney + stories, got another 100% on the Tomatometer. The audience ga Diary of a future president a score of 85%.

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‘Dug Days’ (2021-): Man’s best friend

Many people (except cat lovers) may agree that dogs are quite possibly the most beloved of all pets. Maybe that’s why Disney + decided to make a short series based on the adventures of a particularly beloved animated dog, Dug (expressed by Bob Peterson), from the 2009 film Up.

IN Up, it’s a hot air balloon full of dogs with collars that let them express their thoughts. The prominent dog is Dug, whose curiosity and loyalty keeps him from Carl’s (expressed by the deceased Edward Asner) page when he tries to reach the dream home. Recording after the events in the film, Dug Days shows the title dog as he embarks on the new adventures that come with the tame life. The adorable series received 100% from the Tomatometer and an audience score of 92%.

‘Marvel’s 616’ (2020-): Superhero Central

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a franchise that has taken over pop culture. Sometimes it can be hard to believe that these movies only exist because of a series of comics that were first written in 1939. The Marvel 616 documentary explores the beginnings of these heroes, and shows how they have shaped the future and how the future has taken shape. . them.

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Marvel 616 (named after Earth 616, the comic book world) shows the heroes’ journey. From creators to characters to blockbusters and back again, the Marvel 616 depicts the history of comics and how their evolution has affected the world today. Although it earned a low 68% from the audience, the Tomatometer series gave a rude 100%.

‘Welcome To Earth’ (2021-): The Wonders Of Nature


Will Smith dive into the earth’s most amazing and unexplored places to experience all that the natural world has to offer. From the dark depths of the mysterious ocean to the open safari, Smith and trained experts embark on a “terrifying journey” on planet Earth.

Although Will Smith’s actions at this year’s Oscars have created many problems for the actor, he still has a wealth of projects underway. The Welcome to earth Disney + documentaries from National Geographic received 100% from the Tomato Meter and an audience score of 87%.

‘Ms. Marvel ‘(2022-): The New (Jersey) Hero

Ms. Marvel is a story centered around a fangirl of superheroes who are on their way to becoming a hero themselves. The six-part series follows Kamala Khan as she struggles with cosmic issues and teenagers. When she discovers that she has superpowers, she must find a way to save the world and become the kind of hero she has always wanted to be.

The latest project in a decades-long series of heroic stories from MCU, Ms. Marvel, is as popular as some of its predecessors. As of episode four, the show has a Tomatometer score of 98%, and an audience score of 82%. If the first quartet of episodes is any indication, the last two parts of the series will solidify the success of Marvel’s latest hero.

Honest reviews: What about the rest?

Franchise fans out there (you know who you are) are probably wondering; where is the rest? What about Obi-Wan Kenobi? What about Loki and WandaVision? It all comes down to the reviews. Although many of the series listed above have earned one hundred percent on Rotten Tomatoes, this is not the case for most Disney + series. However, this does not mean that these series performed poorly.

Marvel’s original series have all been highly rated. Some of the highest are What if…? earn 94% for both points, and Loki and Hawkeyewhich is associated with 92% on the tomato meter and 91% for the fan results. WandaVision stands with 91% Tomatometer score and 88% from the audience. The The Beatles: Come back document series received 93% for both categories. Although Obi-Wan Kenobi got only 83% on the tomato meter, Star Wars: Visions earned 98%. There are many other highly ranked Disney + original series out there, and with all the new projects the platform has in the series, there are guaranteed to be more on the way!

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