Years in review, and the big problem with ChatGPT

Years in review, and the big problem with ChatGPT

I’ve been combing the internet to find today’s funniest/most important/scary/fascinating stories about technology.

1 ChatGPT does not always tell the truth
But it says things so confidently that it’s easy to be fooled. (ENJOY $)
+ It has proposed some disturbing counter-terrorism measures, including torture. (The Intercept)
+ For some users, whether it is accurate or not is not important. (WP$)
+ ChatGPT isn’t going to steal the jobs of stand-up comedians anytime soon. (WSJ$)
+ ChatGPT is OpenAI’s latest solution for GPT-3. It’s smooth, but still spews nonsense. (MIT Technology Review)

2 Investors are rapidly withdrawing from crypto
Frightened by FTX’s collapse, they pull record levels of bitcoin from crypto exchanges (FT$)
+ Chinese police have busted a massive crypto-laundering ring. (SCMP$)
+ FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried will testify before the US Congress this week. (The Guardian)

3 NASA’s Artemis I lunar mission is complete
After 26 days it touched down on earth again. (New Scientist$)
+ The mission paves the way for returning humans to the moon. (WSJ$)
+ Looking down on Earth from space is an emotional experience. (The Atlantic $)

4 Twitter’s subscription service has relaunched
iPhone users are being asked to pay more, likely in retaliation for the App Store’s built-in fees. (Reuters)
+ The company’s Community Notes error reporting service has also been revamped. (Engadget)
+ Elon Musk knows exactly who he’s appealing to. (The Atlantic $)
+ Elon Musk has created a toxic mess for the LGBTQ+ community. I wanted to know. (MIT Technology Review)

5 It may be time to delete your photos from the internet
It just gets easier and easier to make deep fakes. (Ars Technica)
+ A horrifying new AI app turns women into porn videos with a click. (MIT Technology Review)
+ Lensa’s AI avatars are worrying, especially for women. (WSJ$)

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6 Amazon fails to fulfill its promise to help the citizens of Tijuana
It promised to develop the area around the fulfillment center, but workers say nothing has changed. (The rest of the world)

7 This year has been a bit of a mess
But hard data can help us understand why – and what to prepare for next year. (Vox)

8 Technology graduates are fighting for too few jobs
Talented candidates are ready to work, but there are hardly any places to hire right now. (NBC)

9-star stare is in danger 🌌
Light pollution is to blame – and much of it is completely unnecessary. (The Guardian)

10 Things Has Learned About Love
It was the first major dating site to adopt a scientific approach to calculating a couple’s compatibility. (The Atlantic $)
+ Here’s how the web’s newest matchmakers are helping you find love. (MIT Technology Review)

Quote of the day

“It makes me feel better. Happier; freer.”

—Julian Gough, an Irish writer who wrote a poignant poem that appears when a player completes Minecraft, explains his decision to put it in the public domain for everyone to use, Motherboard reports.

The big story

Minneapolis police used fake social media profiles to surveil black people

April 2022

The Minneapolis Police Department violated the Civil Rights Act through a pattern of racist police practices, according to a damning report by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights. The report found that officers stop, search, arrest and use force against people of color at a much higher rate than white people, and covertly surveilled black people who were not suspected of any crimes via social media.

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