Witcher 3 PS4 and Nintendo ‘Switch cloud save’ missing on PS5

Witcher 3 PS4 and Nintendo ‘Switch cloud save’ missing on PS5

The Witcher 3 is one of the most iconic action RPG games in the industry. The developers have managed to keep it updated for many years by adding new content and updating it for more modern platforms.

Recently The Witcher 3 got the ‘Next-Gen Update’. This update brings notable graphical improvements for both PC and current generation consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series S/X).


However, it seems that the transition from PS4 and Nintendo Switch to PS5 is problematic due to the fact that the cloud storage cannot be downloaded or is missing on the Sony console. Also, manual saves don’t work as they should.

Witcher 3 PS4 and Nintendo Switch ‘cloud save’ missing or unable to download on PS5

According to reports, several The Witcher 3 players on PS4 and Nintendo Switch are currently unable to download their “cloud save” files on PS5 to enjoy the Next-Gen Update.

In some cases, they just get the error “Could not download cloud storage”. Meanwhile, the cloud save file is missing or unavailable to other players.


Failed to download cloud save PS5

Anyone else getting this problem or know how to fix it. Enabled cross-progression on my save on the PS4 version, then tried to download it on the PS5, but I keep getting the “Could not download cloud save” error when I try to do so.

The problem reportedly also affects in the opposite direction. That is, PS5 players cannot download their ‘cloud save’ files on PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

Cross-save from Switch to PS5 doesn’t work

Hi guys are you able to load the save file from Nintendo to PS5. It seems to work only from Ps4 > Ps5 and vice versa. I can’t load from Ps5 to Nintendo, neither from Nintendo to Ps5. Is it allowed yet or not? (I use GoG cloud)

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Manual saves don’t work for anyone

There is another issue that affects the save system in the game. Some players report that manual saves don’t work either.

In addition to the autosave system, some games allow players to save the game manually. This way, they will be absolutely sure that their progress will not be lost.

However, several The Witcher players are reporting that none of their previous manual saves currently load or work.


Game not saving manually after update?

Started a new playthrough last week with no idea an update was coming – quite a pleasant surprise today! That said, I’m playing on PS4 and manual saving doesn’t seem to work anymore.

When I go to do a manual save all my previous manual saves are gone and when I go to load I only have the option to load checkpoints and autosaves.

Error in manual saves?

To explain, I had played some of the update recently and enjoyed it, but all my previous manual saves were completely gone when I went to save right before I stopped. Has anyone else encountered this? I play on ps4 btw.

There are some solutions

Fortunately, gamers have offered some solutions that can help fix the issues. The first is for PS4 owners who want to download the cloud save file on PS5:


According to some players, you may experience related issues because you downloaded the PS4 version of the game on PS5. The solution would be to download the PS5 version separately:

Yes, you have the ps4 version of the game. New 4.00 version of the ps4 game. You need to download the ps5 version separately. It is also version 4.00.

For those players whose manual save files are missing, try deleting some autosave files in the list:

I disabled cross save support and deleted a few autosaves (not all) and then found my manual save.

There is also a detailed instruction on how to transfer your PS4 save files to PS5:

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There is no official word on the issue from the developer team yet. We will update this story as events unfold.

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