Top 4 delivery apps in Nigeria by number of downloads as of November 2022

Top 4 delivery apps in Nigeria by number of downloads as of November 2022

The rapid increase in e-commerce in Nigeria is stimulating a growing demand for delivery services across the country. With the number of Nigerians connecting to the internet increasing daily, the e-commerce boom may be just beginning.

According to Statista, the Nigerian e-commerce market is projected to grow by 13.86% (2022-2025), resulting in a market volume of $12.58 billion by 2025. It is therefore not surprising that more businesses are emerging to offer delivery services to meet the needs of the growing e-commerce ecosystem.

Currently, there are many logistics companies in Nigeria that offer delivery services. However, Nairametrics findings show that many of them are yet to adopt mobile app technology to grow their business. For the few that have developed apps, the number of downloads indicates that they are not yet as popular as fintechs.

While the majority of the Nigerian delivery apps on the app stores currently have less than 1000 downloads, here are the top 4 with the highest number of downloads on the Google Play Store in November:

Mailbox (10,000)

Founded in 2017, Sendbox is a logistics startup that offers delivery and fulfillment services to individuals and businesses. Led by Emotu Balogun and Olusegun Afolahan, the startup helps customers who engage in e-commerce using channels such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp by connecting them with affordable and reliable courier partners in Nigeria for both local and international shipments. The app currently has over 10,000 downloads on the Google Play Store.

Kwik (100,000)

Kwik delivery is a delivery startup launched in 2019 by Romain Poirot-Lellig. The platform connects businesses and individuals with independent riders. According to the company, their fleet of kwiksters motorcycles can deliver up to 25kg in their kwik boxes, making deliveries easier, faster and cheaper for Nigerian businesses and individuals.

Kwik recently increased its capacity to move large items with large vehicles to its fleet. The Kwik app is one of the most downloaded delivery apps in Nigeria with over 100,000 downloads on the Google Play Store.

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Gokada Superapp (100,000)

Gokada is an on-demand motorcycle delivery service and food ordering/delivery service available in Lagos. The Gokada Super app brings together the parcel delivery and food ordering services in a single app.

Gokada was originally launched in 2017 as a bike-hailing startup under Fahim Saleh (late) and Deji Oduntan. After the Lagos State Government banned motorcycles in early 2020, the startup transformed into an on-demand motorcycle delivery company. The app has been downloaded over 100,000 times in the app store to be among the top apps in the delivery category.

GIGGO (100,000)

GIGGO is the mobile app of the logistics company GIG Logistics. It was launched in 2019 to provide users with seamless delivery options. Before GIGGO, GIG logistics offered delivery services to customers via a physical store. The GIGGO app provides users with seamless shipment creation from home and office, eliminating the need to endlessly wait at pickup locations for their items to ship. Once a request is made, the app finds a delivery partner closest to the request and assigns the delivery request for pickup.

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