Top 10 Music Download Site for Free Music Download

Top 10 Music Download Site for Free Music Download

Today, online music streaming platforms are being used more instead of downloading free music. But downloading free music can help you get high quality music and these are more accessible. There are various websites that offer free song downloads in a hassle-free manner. If you download tracks, you will know that it is much easier to discover new artists and soundtracks. Artists also use these platforms to legally put their songs out there for download. Not only listeners, but also artists are extremely benefited from these types of platforms and services.

These free websites are very useful for downloading music in an easy way. a listener does not need to pay money for a subscription to listen to high quality music. Here are 10 useful free song download sites which can be useful for everyone-



SoundClick is a famous music download platform used by many people. On this platform you can find a huge amount of songs. They have created a collection of songs where songs from all genres are available. A listener can easily find out music from all genres on this platform in no time.

Key Features:

  • They offer many community features
  • One can use a free or paid account
  • User friendly for listeners along with artists



The Museum Open:

Museopen is another platform that offers a huge collection of music. Along with music, this platform has a great collection of classical music and is a great source for educational audiobooks. This platform can be used by anyone and one can get various options on this platform.

Key features:

  • They provide a huge collection of classical music
  • This platform can be used for education
  • It is a great platform for students
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DatPiff is quite different from all other free music download sites. This platform basically focuses on mixtapes and hip-hop music. This platform especially offers these services to its listeners and provides a large collection of hip-hop music. It also allows listeners both free and paid content. So a listener can choose accordingly.

Key Feature:

  • It is a popular app for mobile
  • A large selection of mixtapes
  • Large collection of premium content




Audiomack is a very famous platform among all music enthusiasts. With this platform, a listener can easily download all kinds of music. This platform offers a large collection of music. The Audiomack team is always working to make the experience better for all listeners. This company has given exposure to many renowned artists and helped them establish themselves.

Key features:

  • It is a very popular app for mobile
  • Offers a large selection of music
  • You can use everything for free



YouTube Audio Library:

YouTube is the biggest music streaming platform available right now. YouTube Audio Library is a part of this platform and known as the capable medium for downloading free music. With this platform, a listener can download a large selection of songs. But in this platform there is a legal concept that you cannot sell the music, which is downloaded from this platform.

Key Features:

  • High quality content
  • They offer a few limitations to listeners
  • Navigation with search filters



Beatstars is a platform widely used by producers. On this platform, producers can buy and sell music, but along with that, it is also used to download songs. This company provides many songs to download and a listener can easily download them anytime. Many renowned artists buy songs on this platform, which are completely legal and used in their work.

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Key Features:

  • Excellent quality of the beats provider
  • Their apps are very popular on mobiles
  • They are officially partnered with Sony Music Publishing

The popular mobile app you can download from Google Play and App Store.


Jamendo music:

Jamendo Music is a platform that not only offers to download songs but also streams. a listener can stream online songs through this website. These features of them are very useful for all the listeners. Their huge selection of music is very impressive and one can get many songs on the platform.

Key Features:

  • Paid content for commercial use
  • One can stream and download songs
  • Curated catalog with artist service



The Internet Archive:

The Internet Archive is another free music download site that focuses only on good quality music for its listeners. It is a non-profit company that offers a listener to browse a song name and get various options to download. From this, a listener can download a song according to their choice of audio quality. Along with songs, they also provide various audio files such as audio books and poetry. It is one of the best platforms to explore new music.

Key Features:

  • A large selection of songs from every genre
  • Audiobooks and poetry are available
  • One can get video, text and images on this platform



Free music archive:

Free Music Archive is a New Jersey-based company currently owned by Dutch music label Tribe of Noise. Free Music Archive is a deep company that has been in the business for a long time. From this platform, one can get various songs downloaded in a short time. After the purchase, Tribe of Noise introduced many premium services and it makes the experience even better for users.

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Key Features:

  • They offer a large selection of songs
  • The listeners get to experience first class services from them
  • Songs from all genres can be found on it



Corps Camp:

Corps camp is one of the most capable free music download sites. Along with this, they also provide a large amount of digital and physical media for sale. They also offer CDs, vinyl and T-shirts. With this, an artist can put his song on this platform for streaming and download for free or a minimum price for it. This only takes a few moments, it just requires searching the track and just downloading it. Their user-friendly method is very useful.

corps camp

Key Features:

  • A large selection of free music
  • High quality music that can be downloaded anytime
  • Songs from every genre


These are the 10 platforms used to download songs. With these platforms, downloading songs has become even easier for everyone.

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