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TikTok known for most downloads, highest revenue and the world’s second most engaged user base / digital information world

TikTok known for most downloads, highest revenue and the world’s second most engaged user base / digital information world

ByteDance’s TikTok is gaining more fame than ever, not to mention how it was named for having the world’s second most engaged base of active users, among other achievements.

Data from ST revealed how it was able to see daily openings from 30% of all active installations. And it was almost the highest form of engagement registered, and came just below Instagram which came in at 39%.

But it is not the only great achievement we have seen TikTok achieve in the last year. To help put things in a better perspective, let’s go through some facts and figures about the 2022 app.

First, it was the most downloaded application. Then it took the top spot to be the most earned application. The fact that it is not a gaming app means a great deal with these findings. And all these amazing achievements were recorded during the first quarter of 2022, so it’s as fresh as possible.

The great insight comes to us from the Power User Curve, which is considered to be one of the most reliable tools when it comes to Consumer Intelligence’s selection of tools and analyzes.

When you look at the leading number of arch-rivals in the social media industry, there are many. Therefore, it is definitely a great achievement on the part of the app to see TikTok score big and beat the majority.

There was constant talk of how TikTok’s user base is the second most engaging. On average, 30% of Google Play installations have reported how users opened the app on a daily basis, every month during 2022 so far.

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But it’s no surprise for Instagram that leads the herd for user engagement. The app’s wheel is truly a showstopper and also generates a staggering amount of revenue. Analysts claim that around 40% of the installations seen were related to power users.

In the previous quarter, these users were seen engaging with the leading social media app by Meta on a daily basis. And that was only 10% higher than what TikTok was able to register.

In the third position, we had Facebook, which scored 27% of the installations that show the behavior that is usually described for advanced users. And right behind was Snapchat with 26%. In the end, it was Twitter that only managed to score 18%.

To go into some more specific details, it was revealed how TikTok manages to capture the attention of users for about 1.5 hours on a daily basis. This makes TikTok the market leader when it comes to time spent by users across social media apps.

Wow, 95 minutes on a video-based app is definitely a great achievement. Do you agree? And it’s about 4 times more time spent on an app like Snapchat. In second place came YouTube, where users spent almost 74 minutes of their precious day watching video content.

But it is not a big bed of roses for TikTok, as there are fears that it may be banned from app stores in the US after an alarming report showed that it shared users’ data in the US with China. But we hope things work out for the best for the app that keeps so many of us entertained.

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