Street Fighter 6 2nd Closed Beta Invites Sent Out, 13.35GB Patch Ready to Download on Steam

Street Fighter 6 2nd Closed Beta Invites Sent Out, 13.35GB Patch Ready to Download on Steam

according to official Street Fighter Twitter account, invitations to the second Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta have been sent out. Those who did not get the opportunity to participate in the first closed beta may have received an email inviting them to play.

It is also noted that players should check their email folders thoroughly as invitations tend to pop up in unexpected places. For example, many players have reported that Gmail users found their beta invite in the “Promotions” tab.

Although Capcom says the second wave of beta invites have been sent out, there have been a few reports of players getting their codes a bit later. As such, it may be worth it to keep checking back for those who didn’t find an invitation in the first place.

As there were some system changes from the first closed beta to the second closed beta, a patch was expected. Over on Steam, players can already download a 13.35GB patch for the Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta.

Just like with the first Closed Beta, there are eight characters to choose from – Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Juri, Luke, Jamie and Kimberly.

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One of the new features introduced during this wave is the “Input Delay Reduction” setting. This will allow players to run Street Fighter 6 at a 120hz refresh rate.

Please note that those who participated in the first closed beta will automatically be eligible to participate in the second closed beta (as long as those players did not violate the terms and service).

Street Fighter 6 is now scheduled for release on June 2, 2023. For those who weren’t invited to either test, there’s still a good chance that Capcom will run an open beta test at some point with the goal of fully testing their online serve.

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