Roku instructions on how to download News 6+

Roku instructions on how to download News 6+

If you’re reading this story, you’re looking for help on how to watch News 6+ with a Roku device (don’t worry, we’ve got you covered).

Firstly, the full version of News 6+ is only available for your Smart TV. There’s a version you can watch on a desktop, tablet or smartphone browser (go to, but that website will only show you our live newscasts, special events or a News 6+ playlist of selected stories (available when we’re not producing a live newscast) .

It’s a good start, but to get the full experience of News 6+, you’ll want it on your nice big Smart TV!

So how do you get it?

You need two things: an Internet-connected smart TV with the right streaming platform (in this case, a Roku) and the News 6+ streaming app.

We’re starting with Roku because it’s the most popular streaming device that has the News 6+ app (more than 60% of our News 6+ audience watches us on some kind of Roku device). Some newer TVs already have Roku built in, but if you don’t have Roku on board, you’ll need an external device (also known as a dongle) for our News 6+ app.

ALSO NOTE: Newer Samsung and LG TVs have their own built-in app stores, but News 6+ isn’t available on those platforms (so you’ll still need one of the Roku devices listed below).

If you already have a TV with Roku installed, to connect to the Internet, you can go to either the Home page or directly to Settings and then look for a category labeled Network, Internet Connection, Connect to the Internet, New Wireless Connection, or something similar . Follow the instructions to set up or connect to your wired or wireless network, then proceed to the steps outlined below.

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If you’re connecting to a Roku device/dongle (like an Express, Express 4K+, Streaming Stick 4K, or Streambar), the process is very similar (see the instruction booklet for specific details).

  • To get started, open your Roku player and on your home page, navigate to “Add Channels”.

  • Once there, scroll down (or over) to “Search for Channels”.

  • Use the keyboard to search for “News 6+”.

  • Once there, click “Install Channel”.

  • When the installation is complete, click “Open” or “Go to Channel”.

That’s it!

Now that you’re on News 6+, you can watch our live and past newscasts, select content from our podcast section and look for specific segments by category (ie News Specials, Different Local Counties, Breaking News, Boomtown, Solutionaries and much, much more ).

As of now, we have over 40 different categories to choose from; a much larger selection than what you can get by just going to the website we mentioned in the previous story.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected] and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.

Thanks for the download!

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