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Read and download the ‘Abbott Elementary’ pilot script

Read and download the ‘Abbott Elementary’ pilot script

Everyone is talking about this year’s funniest new show.

In December last year, I sat at home with nothing to do, so I did something I have not done in several years – I watched network TV. That night, ABC ran a mid-season entry in their lineup, a small show called Abbott Elementary. I watched the premiere with zero expectations, and I have not missed an episode since.

I’m not alone either. The show has good viewership and also gets millions of more views when aired on Hulu.

It is told in the mockumentary sitcom style and was created by the multi-talented Quinta Brunson, who also plays the lead role as a second-grade teacher at Abbott Elementary, a fictional school in Philadelphia. The show has amazing characters, earthy situations and more laughter than I can describe.

I think it’s the best last sitcom pilot in my memory. That means we have a lot to learn from the words on the page!

Read and download the Abbott Elementary pilot script here! But do it only for educational purposes.

And after reading, come back here and let’s go through some lessons I picked up from this amazing show.

3 lessons from Abbott Elementary Pilot Script PDF

1. Grounded situations

One of the things I appreciate most about the show is that it takes a thoughtful look at teaching at an underfunded school. The pilot tells the story of needing school supplies and not having enough money to get them.

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This is a story many of us have heard before, but the charm and cheerfulness here takes a well-founded premise and finds solutions outside the box. The situation in this situation comedy can be related, and the solution of stealing blankets gives a lot of laughter and makes us love these characters and their ingenuity.

2. Consistent tone

A TV show about a school struggling in the inner city may be season four off The cord, but this is one of the most endearing comedies of recent times. How do they do something that we have usually seen treated in such dark ways so easily?

The answer comes from the consistent tone. No matter what the situation is, they are always looking for the comedy rhythms in the story. It’s almost escapist, but at the same time it’s talking about the reality of public schooling. This consistency allows the audience to trust the laughter and allows the authors to continue to deliver them.

3. Tell your story

Quinta Bruson, the comic tornado behind this show, grew up in West Philadelphia. She was inspired to visit her mother, who was a teacher in Philadelphia. They were at an open house and she saw how the teachers interacted with each other, the parents and the students. She knew that it was a great environment for a show, and then spent time writing and making a show that celebrates teachers, students and the situations they encounter every day.

When it’s time for you to write your TV comedy, think about your life. What do you know intimately? What do you care about? Bring it all to the screen. Make sure it matters.

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Have you watched? Let us know your thoughts.

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