PUBG Mobile 2.4 beta APK Download Link and Installation Guide

PUBG Mobile 2.4 beta APK Download Link and Installation Guide

PUBG Mobile beta versions are excited as they reveal the new features in the game’s upcoming update. The developers recently released the beta version of the 2.4 patch and the entire community is excited about the release.

Players can access it to find new content such as the new Dancing Lion vehicle, Grappling Hook, Martial Arts Arena and more. Additionally, there are several changes to the Metro Royale mode.

People who are interested in downloading the new PUBG Mobile 2.4 beta can use the APK files made available by the developers. The following section provides more information on how individuals can complete the download and installation procedures.

How to download PUBG Mobile 2.4 beta using APK file

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Downloading PUBG Mobile 2.4 beta using an APK file is not that difficult and you can easily get it on your devices. The steps below will take you through the entire process:

Step 1: First, head over to the game’s 2.4 beta download page. There are two different types of files available and the links for both are given below:

Android (x64):

Android (x32):

The x64 version’s APK file is around 753 MB. On the other hand, the size for the x32 version is 672 MB. In addition, you must download resource packs; therefore, it is important to ensure sufficient storage space on the device.

Get the required file on your device (image via Tencent)
Get the required file on your device (Image via Tencent)

Step 2: Once the required APK file is on your device, you can enable the “Install from unknown source” setting and install it.

Step 3: After installation you should open 2.4 beta. You can then proceed to download the required resource pack.

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Step 4: Once you have completed the resource pack download, use the “Guest” button to login. You can then continue to enjoy PUBG Mobile 2.4 beta and the various features integrated by the developers.

The main goal of the beta version is to test out the features for bugs and errors. Accordingly, it is recommended to report the bugs you encounter while playing the 2.4 beta version of the Battle Royale title.

Features in PUBG Mobile 2.4 beta

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Below are the main features that players will be able to find in the ongoing PUBG Mobile 2.4 beta:

Classic updates

  • Dancing Lion: Dancing Lion is a two-person vehicle that can be stored in a backpack and used indefinitely.
  • Iron hook: The grappling hook can grab and reach different places.
  • Martial arts arena: Martial arts arenas will be available during the match period. You will find the dancing lion in the middle of this arena.
  • Back for glory: Players who are eliminated and recalled can issue a revenge mission, i.e. offer a challenge to the original eliminator. If the eliminator accepts, their location is revealed to the players. Finally, taking down the eliminator within a certain period will grant exclusive rewards. However, if individuals fail to do so, the eliminator gets the rewards.

Metro Royale Updates

  • New map with two modes: Basic and Advanced
  • New ziplines and stairs to move quickly
  • New NPC enemies
  • New Sellable Items (Biological Specimen, Process – GPU, Gold Piles and Lens)
  • Increased storage capacity to 30.

Check out more about the features by visiting this link.

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Disclaimer: The government banned PUBG Mobile in India under Section 69A of the IT Act. As a result, players from the nation are not allowed to play or download the Battle Royale title or its beta due to government restrictions.

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