Option Box achieves 40,000 downloads in 4 months

Option Box achieves 40,000 downloads in 4 months

December 26, 2022 6:46 p.m IST

New Delhi [India]Dec 26 (ANI/SRV): Smart Practice trading platform Option Box has witnessed exponential growth in the last 4 months. With more than 4,000 daily traders on the app, Option Box has been downloaded by over 40,000 users. With a strong social media presence and user-friendly interface, The Option Box has managed to become a household name.
The striking feature that helps not only the beginners but also the pros is the data and algorithms provided which help in making the wise decision related to trades. To help people become experienced traders and investors, they offer a comprehensive platform that allows us to trade stocks and options in real-time and provides access to insightful analytical tools and post-trade analysis. This app gives you proper analytics like total days traded, average profit, best gain, worst loss etc. as it only guides you to analyze your performance and make you aware of your growth.
Sharing their thoughts on the brand’s vision, the founders said, “The app is designed by a group of technologists who aim to make every Indian aware of the opportunities of earning through the stock market. Generally, it has been seen that people are afraid of stocks. market, they feel that they will end up losing their money and somehow that’s not really wrong either because with halfway knowledge if you enter a field the chances of failure are higher and thus the loss and the fear of losing money also places, looking at this scenario, this app is an educational platform that helps you gain practical knowledge through trading in the actual market with the training money provided in the app.”

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The founders use the quote “Practise makes the man perfect” as they are convinced that the platform has unlimited opportunities to train your skills every day. This is an educational platform and the idea is not to make money, but to make people more equipped with the opportunities in the stock market. The platform is for everyone and does not judge the user on the basis of education, profession, gender, age, etc. because it is developed in the simplest way so that anyone who comes to the website or app can easily understand the world of trading.
“If you have ever heard the name option chain and option strategies, you must have heard the comments that ‘understanding options is too hard’, but not on our platform where we have the defined option chain where you can trade and learn to trade your favorite options from the chain and make money. We also provide you with Chrono trading based on various proven strategies so that you learn and grow in a 360-degree format and leave no stone unturned.” added the founders.
Option Box has over 500 stocks listed on NSE and it is difficult to make right decisions and find the best stock, but TOB has made it easy for users to click on stock categories and select a stock that suits them.
Click the link to download The Option Box and kickstart your trading journey – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.theoptionbox.app
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