Networking All-in-One For Dummies, 8th Edition ($30 Value) – Free Download

Networking All-in-One For Dummies, 8th Edition ( Value) – Free Download

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Your ultimate one-stop networking reference

Designed to replace the groaning shelves of boring networking books you’d otherwise have to buy and hoard, Networking All-in-One For Dummies covers all the basic and not-so-basic information you need to get networking up and running. It also helps you keep it running as it gets more complicated, develops bugs, and runs into all the funny kinds of problems you’d expect from a complex system.

Ideal both as a starter kit for novice administrators and as a handy quick reference for pros, this book is built for speed, letting you get past all the basics—such as installing and configuring hardware and software, planning your network design, and managing cloud services—so that you can get on with what your network is actually meant to do.

In a friendly, jargon-free style, Doug Lowe—an experienced IT director and prolific technology writer—covers the essential, up-to-date information for networking in systems like Linux and Windows 10 and gives you tips on best practices for security, mobile, and more. Each of the nine minibooks demystifies the basics in one key area of ​​network administration.

  • Plan and manage your network
  • Implement virtualization
  • Get your head around networking in the cloud
  • Lock down your security protocols

The best thing about this book? You don’t have to read everything at once to get things done; Once you’ve solved that specific problem, you can put it aside and move on with your life. And the next time you need it, it’ll have you covered.

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Networking all-in-one for dummies, 8th edition ($30 value) – Free download
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