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MHR Trainer: How to download, all cheat codes and keyboard shortcuts

MHR Trainer: How to download, all cheat codes and keyboard shortcuts

The majority of games on Microsoft Windows have their modded versions and cheat files that players use to save time or make things easy. MHR is among these games and you can find lots of trainers, mods and cheat codes on the internet. However, you need to be careful while installing these files, as they may not be what they appear to be. Some trainer cheats and mods can be a virus or malware.

The game is heavily dependent on breeding, so read the following guides if you are searching for Fucium Ore, Gold Lite Ore, King Rhino and Inferno Sac. Also, if you are looking for the safest and most effective Monster Hunter Rise Mods, then read the guide to the 16 BEST Monster Hunter Rise Mods.

What are cheat codes in Monster Hunter Rise

When it comes to cheating, MH Rise shows a certain gentleness. There is room for cheat codes, but players are encouraged to use them only if needed. You can use more cheat codes to get better weapons, armor and even graphics. Sometimes you will get stuck in a mission because you simply can not beat the last monster. But with the coach in MHR you will be able to do it easily. Also read our Monster Hunter Rise weapon list.

If you have played modded games or cheat games on your PC, you will know how different the game is starting to look. Everything comes easy for you and you can save a lot of time. Since the game is extremely info-heavy, you will get it too. In many cases, you do not have to rely on your luck and just press a few buttons. If you focus on building in Monster Hunter Rise, check out the Monster Hunter Rise Bowgun Build and Horn Builds guides.

Best Monster Hunter Rise Trainer

MHR: Coach
Monster Hunter Rise: Trainer

The internet is full of cheats, most of them are not as good as they seem, and only a few are worth trusting. However, the coach is one of the best cheats and is reliable. You do not need to install antivirus software to check the reliability.

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If you are new to cheats and mods, you may be confused about how to download and install them. Do not worry, because this guide will tell you all about best Monster Hunter Rise trainer along with how to download and install it.

Also, the MHR trainer sounds too good to be true, but it’s a catch. You can only use the trainer in offline mode of the game. The anti-cheating system of Monster Hunter Rise is mild, but not easy to take. If you use the trainer in the online mode of MHR, there is a risk that your account will be banned. The cheat is too overwhelmed so you are also easily spotted.

How to download and install trainer

Just click on this link which will automatically download a .zip file into your download folder. Once the folder is downloaded, extract the files and open them; it will install the trainer files. We recommend that you restart your PC once the trainer files are installed. Also consider reading the MHR Seregios boss fight guide.

Coach characteristics

As mentioned earlier, the trainer has features that sound too good to be true. When you use these features, it will be as if you have an unlimited amount of supplies and you are immortal. These are the following options you will see after installing the Monster Hunter Rise trainer:

  1. Infinite health: When you activate this, your health will begin to recover when it is low to maximum. However, that does not mean that you are invincible. By dealing with injury, your health will be emptied as it is emptied normally.
  2. Infinite endurance: If you are tired of getting your character to rest for a few seconds after asking for a long time, then activate the cheat. It will charge the character’s amount of stamina to a maximum level and leave them for a long time. However, the endurance bar will be emptied as it usually does.
  3. Edit maximum health: Unlike Infinite Health, where the character’s health would reach the maximum amount. The cheat will instead change the maximum health your player can have; keep it as high as possible. We recommend that you use Edit Max Health and Infinite Health together to be invincible.
  4. Edit Max Stamina: You can change the maximum level of the endurance bar by using the trainer. Keep it as high as possible so you can sprint indefinitely without making your character tiring. Use it with Infinite Stamina for effective results.
  5. No hunger: If you are tired of taking breaks so you can recharge your energy and health by eating food. Then you definitely need this coach in MHR. Simply put, you do not need to eat anything. Therefore, you do not have to search for food, and you do not have to eat.
  6. Wirebugs No Cooldown: It is one of the main features that people download the trainer for. By using this command you will be able to use wirebugs without cooling down. So if you are climbing high mountains or buildings, there is no need to wait. However, the cooling will only work for the first two wirebugs.
  7. Maximum weapon sharpness: If you have weak weapons with you that divert the attack and have lower damage, then you must activate the command. Each time you use your weapon, the trainer will restore the sharpness of the weapon back to maximum.
  8. Reset Mission Hours: Many Monster Hunter Rise players find the quest time annoying. Some players want to run the first missions faster. However, there is a chill every time you complete a mission. If you are in a hurry, activate the trainer so that you can skip the mission timer and continue with your next mission while playing MHR.
  9. Infinitely fast goods use: Whatever item you have selected in your quick item, when you use it will remain at 999. So do not worry about the limited resources or your time.
  10. Unlimited ammunition: The trainer will only work if you have equipped a weapon that uses ammunition to shoot. No matter how many rounds you shoot, the count will remain at 9999 when the cheat code is activated.
  11. Edit money: What’s better than editing your currency? Activating the cheat will allow you to get the maximum possible money. Get as many items as you can that are available for purchase.
  12. Set game speed: If you feel that the game is not at your pace, by activating the trainer you will be able to change the speed of your game. If you like playing the game at a fast pace, you can just increase the speed from the coaching options.
  13. Edit points: Each time you complete a Monster Hunter Rise mission, you receive a reward with points. However, most players believe that killing difficult monsters does not give them the rewards they deserve. If you are one of these players, activate the trainer so you can edit the points you receive in Monster Hunter Rise.
  14. Edit item number: To activate the cheat, you must first open your item box or bag; otherwise it will not work. Also, make sure that the item you want to edit has more than one quantity.
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Hotkeys for all coaches

When the trainer’s installation is complete in MHR, open the game. The good thing about the trainer is that it has shortcut keys, so you activate and deactivate the cheats. The game will make a ringing sound every time you use the trainer hotkey. These are the keyboard shortcuts, along with their commands that allow you to activate the cheat:

  1. Infinite Health Hotkey: Number 1
  2. Infinite endurance: Number 2
  3. Edit maximum health: Number 3
  4. Edit Max Stamina: Number 4
  5. No hunger: Number 5
  6. Wirebugs No cooling: Number 6
  7. Maximum weapon sharpness: Number 7
  8. Reset assignment timer: number 8
  9. Infinitely fast goods use: Number 9
  10. Infinite ammunition: number 0
  11. Edit money: Ctrl + Num 1
  12. Set game speed: Ctrl + Num 4
  13. Edit point: Ctrl + Num 2
  14. Edit item number: Ctrl + Num 3


It’s all from our side; remember to use the trainer offline for Monster Hunter Rise; otherwise your account may be banned. Make sure you have a backup storage file before installing and using Trainer. So in case your game goes wrong due to incorrect installation, your progress remains safe.

The shortcut keys are for simplicity. However, some players may find it difficult to remember the keyboard shortcuts, but once you start using the frequent keyboard shortcuts, you will eventually end up remembering them.

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