Less snow, more cold and wind

Less snow, more cold and wind

4 Weather warningWelcome to Friday.

Travel today at your own risk — although we still hope and trust that most of you avoid traveling this Friday before Christmas. Our Winter Storm Warning continues all day today, and will not expire until 4:00 a.m. Saturday.

The snow is only light to moderate this morning with an arctic cold front blowing through. Temperatures drop as the wind picks up. The travel concerns are certainly the slick and slippery roads from the falling snow, along with any ice that formed before the snow, creating some patchy black ice.

The biggest problem with travel today will be blowing snow, which will reduce visibility and make it difficult to see cars in front of you, or from any direction. If you have no other option but to leave today, plan plenty of extra time and some extra gear in case you run into problems.

Temperatures were closer to freezing at midnight, but are already in the teens to lower 20s, if you’re brave enough to venture outside. That wind will knock you around a bit and create dangerous wind chills that feel below zero and won’t improve all day.

Today’s sunrise is at 7:59 am

The snow flurries and amounts will be hard to come by, but we could see another 2-4 inches of new snow tomorrow through the afternoon. Because the winds will whip the snow around, in the end it won’t look like much on the grass no matter how much snow you have.

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The peak winds today will happen late in the morning and especially this afternoon, and that’s when we worry about more sneaky trips from blowing snow, along with the chance of power outages. These winds will move WSW at 25-40 mph and will gust to 50-60 mph at times, which could knock down tree limbs on power lines.

Temperatures will drop into the low-teens throughout the day, with sub-zero temperatures feeling as cold as -15 degrees Fahrenheit out there. Snow showers will lighten through the afternoon as the center of this storm moves further east.

Now we have to keep an eye on snow drifts and showers coming from Lake Michigan. Obviously, this will be much more problematic west of Lansing and Jackson, but we will see some snowshoes move in here from time to time, which will only make that journey even tougher.

Tonight’s sunset is at 17:04

Wind, snow continues Saturday

Saturday will be just a little calmer as the wind continues to swing. The cold will be brutal and dangerous through Friday and especially the morning hours of Christmas Eve Saturday and Christmas Day Sunday. Morning temperatures in the single digits to low teens will feel like -15 degrees first on Saturday.

Scattered snow showers are possible, again, from the same lake effect snow bands in this wind event. Parts of the area won’t see much action at all, while others will see a few bands of snow move across, especially areas west of I-275 and north of M-59.

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Highs probably won’t make it out of the upper teens. Those winds will whip WSW at 20-30 mph and gust to 35-45 mph at times.

Cold Christmas Day

Boxing Day on Sunday will be bone-chilling again, with single digits to low teens that feel like -10 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. We will see mostly cloudy skies, and scattered light snow showers and rain showers are possible.

High temperatures will remain in the upper twenties to low 20s. A light breeze will move WSW at 15-25 mph.

Overall, travel conditions will get better and better as we get through late Saturday and Sunday. However, we must not forget that cold, which can lead to hypothermia and frostbite in a very short time if you are not layered and protected in this winter weather.

It will remain cold to start next week with several single digits early Monday and Tuesday morning before highs move toward the lower 20s under mostly cloudy skies. We could get back into the 30s by Wednesday with a little wintry mix possible here in Metro Detroit next Wednesday or Thursday.

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