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How to download and use

How to download and use

The Cities Skylines first person mod is an excellent way to get up close and personal with your glorious creations, giving you a new perspective into the lives of your ignorant citizens. If you are a mod-lover, then Cities Skylines will definitely be the game for you, with an almost infinite amount of ways to change or add to your experience. But if you are especially looking for Cities Skylines first person mod, and be sure to read on to find out how to download and use it.

What is The Cities Skylines First Person Mod?

Cities Skylines First Person Mod Shot of a freeway at dusk

As the name implies, Cities Skylines first person mod is a tool that allows you to replace the traditional overhead camera for a more personal approach. In the standard game, you are limited to a raised, flat view of your city if you want to get up close, but this mod allows you to control a free camera, and be as intimate with your creations as you want.

Furthermore, it is reminiscent of memories from SimCity 4: Rush Hour expansion, as you are able to “drive” the cars and people who visit your city. Unfortunately, you are not actually able to control them, but you act as a kind of passenger when they perform their daily business.

It is also an excellent tool for taking screenshots if you want to show the city to your friends. You can easily create amazing perspectives that really show your city in its best light.

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How to install The Cities Skylines First Person Mod

Cities Skylines First Person Mod image of a bridge at night

The easiest way to download Cities Skylines first person mod is to download it from Steam Workshop. Of course, this requires you to own the game on Steam, but it cuts out the entire download and installation process, which means all you have to do is subscribe and everything is sorted.

There are several different first-person camera modes in the Steam workshop that you can download, but we find that the First Person Camera v2.1.0 mod from Asu is the one that works best.

However, you will need to download the Harmony 2.2-0 Mod Dependency mod to let the first person work, but you will also need this for many other downloads for the game, so it’s something worth having anyway.

However, if you are not on Steam, there is unfortunately no way to download a first person mod. You used to be able to convert Steam Workshop files so that they could be used with the Epic Games version of the game, but the tool to do so has since been shut down at Valve’s request.

As for console versions of the game, while there are certain mods available for download for Xbox and PlayStation players, there is no way to get Cities Skylines first person mod at this present time.

How to use The Cities Skylines First Person Mod

Cities Skylines First Person Mod activation menu

Once you have subscribed to the mode at Steam Workshop, the first thing you want to do is go to the main menu to check if it is enabled. To do this, click on the Content Manager option and then the Mods tab on the left. Then you can either scroll down to find first-person mode, or just search the bar at the top. To activate it, just click on the checkbox next to the name so that it turns bright blue and you are ready to go.

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From this menu you can also fiddle with the mode settings if you wish, by pressing the radio button below the name. Through this menu you will be able to change things like key bindings for mode, user interface options, camera speed and more.

When in the game is standard Cities Skylines first-person mod-key binding is’`” key, located next to the 1 key, usually at the top left of the keyboard. If you do not have access to this key, or it is inconvenient for you, you can always change it in the mod options.

Once activated, it is a simple case to use the mouse to look around, and then WASD to move. For screenshots, it is recommended that you turn off all UI elements in the mod options so that you can get a clean, undisturbed image.

Cities Skylines First Person Mod sequel mode option

The second main feature of Cities Skylines first person mod is the new follow-up feature, which can be used to get a first-person view of any vehicle or person you choose. To do this, simply click on what you want to own, and then select the camera button at the bottom right of the info window, marked “start tracking mode”. You can use the mouse to look around in this mode, and to finish all you have to do is press the anti-activation button you have assigned.

So that’s all you need to know about Cities Skylines first person mod, which gives you all the information about the mode, how to download it, and then how to use it in the game. You will definitely envy all your friends now, as you can show off your fancy city from so many different, unexpected angles.

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