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How to download and play Google Drive videos on iPhone

How to download and play Google Drive videos on iPhone

The Apple iPhone comes with 5 GB of iCloud storage. That’s why most users prefer Google Drive to share and download files from iPhone. Google Drive also offers 15 GB of free space and built-in apps for Windows and Android. So it is easier to save and view the photos and videos on iPhone.

The Google Drive app on iPhone lets you view the video details and offers you a basic player to watch them. To enjoy these videos in their full glory, you should download them on your iPhone. However, Google Drive doesn’t let you save these videos directly to the Photos app. We’ll show you how to download and play any video file from Google Drive on your iPhone.

Use the default Google Drive video player

Google Drive supports all the major video file types such as MP4, MKV and MOV. The app has a standard video player with adequate functions such as forward/reverse, play/pause and AirPlay.

Step 1: Open Google Drive on iPhone. Find any video from the Disk folder.

Step 2: Press the play button. Google Drive will download the video from the server to play it on your phone.

Download Google Drive video on iPhone

When you want to edit Google Drive videos or upload them to iCloud or OneDrive, you need to download them to your iPhone. As mentioned earlier, Google Drive does not allow you to download the video to iPhone. This is how.

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Step 1: Open the Google Drive app on your iPhone and find a video you want to download.

Step 2: Long press on a video. Select the menu with three dots on the top right.

Step 3: Select “Open in” to download the video.

Step 4: Disk opens the iOS sharing menu when the download process is over.

You can share Google Drive video directly on IM (instant messaging) apps, email via Mail or Outlook, or even upload it to another cloud storage like OneDrive.

Step 5: Tap “Save to Files” to save the video to the Files app on your iPhone.

Step 6: Save the video to the desired location in the Files app. You can also add a tag to filter downloaded videos easily.

Open the Files app on your iPhone and the downloaded video is ready to use.

Save Google Drive videos in the Photos app on iPhone

Thanks to a complex and rather confusing iOS behavior, you can’t download Google Drive video directly into the Photos app. The Share menu on iOS doesn’t show an option to save the photo or video to the Photos app on iPhone. First, download the video to the Files app, then save it to the Photos app. This is how.

Step 1: Download the video from Google Drive to the Files app (see steps above).

Step 2: Open the Files app on your iPhone. Long press a video and select Share from the context menu.

Step 3: Tap “Save Video” from the iOS sharing menu.

Step 4: Open the Photos app to check the saved video.

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You can now upload the video to iCloud, play with photo editing tools, or add it to an existing album.

Use VLC Player to watch Google Drive videos on iPhone

iPhone’s default Photos & Files app doesn’t support all video files. For example, you can’t play MKV video files in the Photos app. If you plan to download MKV videos from Google Drive, you need to use a third-party video player to watch them on iPhone.

Step 1: Download and install VLC player on iPhone using the link below.

Step 2: Save Google Drive videos in the Files app (see steps above).

Unlike VLC on Android, VLC for iPhone will not scan and display all the videos from the device storage. You must open videos manually from the Files app. Continue with the steps below.

Step 3: Open the Files app on your iPhone. Find the downloaded video in the Files app.

Step 4: Long press a video and select Share from the context menu.

Step 5: Select VLC from the iOS share sheet.

Step 6: The system will open the video in the VLC player.

You can enjoy all VLC goodies like a feature rich media player, subtitles, screen cast, custom playlists and volume gestures.

Enjoy Google Drive videos on iPhone

You can always play Google Drive videos with your default video player. To edit or share videos, save them in the Photos app. For mkv and other unsupported video file types, take a helping hand from VLC on iPhone.

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