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Entertaining apps you should download

Entertaining apps you should download

How many times a day do we wait for one or the other, jump from one line to the next, or wait to get from one end of town to the other? Isn’t it usually like that and so much social media we can watch before we get bored? Sometimes the problem comes from the loss of internet connection – be it Wi-Fi that fails you or you go out without mobile data.

With a smartphone, we have access to a multitude of entertainment options. But without an internet connection while traveling, for example on a long car or plane, most of these choices are worthless. The good news is that with a little care, many iPhone and Android applications can keep you entertained throughout the commute or other times when you do not have Wi-Fi or a phone signal.

Here are some apps you can check out to stay entertained on boring days, or days without the internet.


The best cricket betting app in India – 10CRIC is one of the best sports betting and gambling sites on the market, serving Indian players who are passionate about sports, especially cricket and football. 10Cric enables Indian sports enthusiasts to bet on over 60,000 events each week in 60 different sports. This is not all; 10Cric also has hundreds of casino games, often offered by the market’s leading game providers. The 10Cric website is managed from Curacao by Chancier BV, a company formed under the laws of Curacao. Curacao e-gaming has granted them the gaming license as well as the operating rights to the gaming software.

The 10Cric website is easy to use and explore. This is because it is aimed at the Indian market, where fans want simple information when it comes to sports. As a consequence, 10Cric has kept its website style basic and easy to understand, so that even a first-time user can understand everything at once.

Pocket Cast

Podcasts continue to gain popularity and provide an almost unlimited amount of entertainment on virtually any topic you can think of. Pocket Casts is a fantastic versatile podcast player that lets you choose the right podcast episode and download it to listen offline. When you discover something you want to save, just click the Download option on the episode page. To listen to all downloaded podcasts, go to the profile page and then Download.

The app offers more than just a method of listening to podcasts while not connected to the internet. You can quickly create a play queue from your favorite subscriptions, reduce the silence, change the play speed and do a variety of other things. Anyone wearing an Apple Watch can control playback and volume without touching the iPhone.


2048 is a math exercise hidden in a terribly addictive matching game. Instead of just trying to enter as high a score as possible, but this sets a task, users must combine numbers to the point that they add up to 2048 in a single box. That means first matching 2s, then 4s, then 8s, etc., until a pair of 1024s are next to each other.

It’s small, but the fantastic twist that makes the gameplay seem new. And having a task to aim at keeps people going (in addition to trying to improve their friends’ scores). Like all the best games, you will quickly understand the point and do it pretty well – but it will take a long, long time before you really master the game.

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