Easy Digital Downloads 3.1 adds 10 new core blocks, introduces email digests – WP Tavern

Easy Digital Downloads 3.1 adds 10 new core blocks, introduces email digests – WP Tavern

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) released a major release today, following several maintenance releases and the last major release in July. Version 3.1 introduces 10 new core blocks available to users running WordPress 5.8 or later:

  • Buy button
  • Order history
  • Products
  • Registration form
  • login form
  • Download terms
  • Receipt
  • Confirmation
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout (beta)

These blocks enable store owners to do more than their shortcode predecessors. Although the shortcodes still work, the block versions allow much easier customization with a better user interface. An example in the announcement is the order history block. The previous purchase history shortcode outputs a simple table of orders, but the new order history block has a card view and allows users to easily change the number of columns and how many orders are displayed per page.

The other blocks have been updated in a similar way, with expanded functionality and greatly expanded customization options.

It is important to note that the new Checkout block was released in beta. It is not turned on by default for new stores yet. Users looking to test the block will notice that EDD has reorganized some of the fields to improve conversions, improved user context recognition (only showing required fields to users), and redesigned the payment method selector.

Email Summary is a new feature for store owners in 3.1. It sends a weekly or monthly email to the administrator or other custom recipients with a store update that includes metrics such as gross and net revenue, new customers, and average order amount. It can also be disabled in admin.

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A few other notable changes in version 3.1 include the following:

  • New setting requiring users to log in to download files
  • Success page has been renamed to confirmation page to distinguish it from the receipt
  • More detailed views and filtering options for reports
  • reCAPTCHA keys added to Downloads » Settings » Miscellaneous to allow users to automatically enable reCAPTCHA for the lost password and registration forms
  • New color options for buy buttons
  • New “See receipt” link in the order table

Easy Digital Downloads is installed on more than 50,000 WordPress sites. The ten-year-old plugin continues to evolve and become a more blockchain-friendly tool for selling digital products. Check out the announcement post for a full tour of all the new blocks and their capabilities.

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