Download sizes, features, missions and more

Download sizes, features, missions and more

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC has been released and GTA Online players all over the world should start downloading it as there are many new type of content and updates this DLC will bring.

This DLC was highly anticipated by the community as this has become an annual tradition where Rockstar Games releases a large-scale DLC containing various features that fans have been asking them to add to the game for a long time.

However, due to the large amount of content packed into this DLC, many players may feel overwhelmed and will quickly understand what to expect from this DLC.

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GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC: Everything gamers need to know about it

Download size

Since this GTA Online DLC has been released on multiple gaming platforms, players can expect its size to be between 2 and 13 GB. However, it may be possible for some players to get major updates depending on their consoles.

Ray – Sport reflections and shadows

Ray tracing has become a significant part of gaming culture, and every AAA game gives players options to turn on ray tracing when playing the game.

Rockstar Games, with this DLC, has successfully implemented Ray-Traced reflections and shadows in GTA Online, which has received many positive reactions.

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This is well worth having, as GTA Online is almost a decade old game, so getting better graphics is always a welcome change.

New vehicles

Car enthusiasts should be more excited about this DLC, as many new cars have already been added to Grand Theft Auto Online post-release, with more expected to trickle in over the next few weeks.

Currently, the following are all the new cars added with this DLC:

  • Annis 300R
  • Abundance Entity MT
  • BF Surfer Custom
  • Zirconium Journey II
  • Declasses M-100

There will also be a free car called the Declasse Tahoma Coupe, based on the third-generation Chevrolet Monte Carlo and a lowrider.

New Story Missions

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These Story Missions are collectively called “First Dose” and they are added with this DLC. There are currently six missions that players can do, and this whole thing is just an introduction to an overarching two-part story Rockstar Games has created.

Thus, players will be introduced to the fan-favorite character Nervous Ron and a new gang who will start their own drug trade.

Grand Theft Auto Online players will play a key role in these missions and may even participate in the operation of a drug empire.

Financial updates and more

The next GTA Online update will include:- Improvements to iFruit Contacts, Terrorbyte, Casino Story Missions and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will add ray-traced reflections- Vehicle Updates- Economy

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There are many other minor things that Rockstar Games will improve or change with this DLC. Such as the various economy updates that will permanently triple the rewards players get from Smuggler’s sales missions.

The value of shark cards will also increase. Furthermore, the iFruit app has been shut down, and Rockstar Games is creating an alternative method to customize license plates in the game. Agatha’s casino story quests can also be done alone. Thus, players can expect to earn more money from this series of missions.

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