Download information communication technology syllabus PDF

Download information communication technology syllabus PDF

Maharashtra Board SSC ICT Syllabus 2023: Download Information Communication Technology Syllabus in PDF for Upcoming SSC Board Exams 2023.

Download Maharashtra Board SSC ICT Syllabus 2023 PDF

Download Maharashtra Board SSC ICT Syllabus 2023 PDF

Maharashtra Board SSC ICT Syllabus 2023: Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHE) has published SSC Information Communication Technology (ICT) Syllabus on its official website. Students appearing for the SSC Board Exam 2022-23 in ICT can view the complete syllabus here and download the same in PDF format from this article.

ICT is introduced to upper secondary students at MSBSHE as a compulsory independent subject worth 50 points. The medium of instruction is both Marathi and English.

The emerging field of IT is used to enhance learning and deliver both quantity and quality programs for mass education. With the globalization of economy and information, as well as technological innovations, knowledge-based economy and society, escalating demand for education helps the implementation of ICT for effective learning for everyone anytime anywhere.

The objectives of the Maharashtra Board SSC ICT Syllabus 2023 are:

  1. Introduction to ICT and its necessity.
  2. Study of ICT tools.
  3. Effective use of ICT in continuous learning
  4. Prepare students to make effective use of information and communication technology.
  5. Introduce students to ICT packages in science, mathematics and other areas.

Let’s start the course content followed by a list of practicals:

1 The potential of ICT

2 Internet applications

  1. Blogs, forums
  2. VOIP
  3. E-commerce
  4. E-Governance
  5. E-map – Maps and navigation

3 ICT in science, mathematics, modeling and simulation

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4 ICT in everyday life

5 Information in Indian languages

  1. Unicode
  2. Generate information in Indian languages
  3. Translation/Transliteration

6 Using geogebra to understand mathematics

List of practical

  1. Introduction to email access using email client software such as Outlook or Windows Mail.
  2. Introduction to instant messaging with MSN Messenger/Yahoo! Messenger.
  3. Creating a simple document using a word processor in an Indian language (Marathi or Hindi) using a Unicode font.
  4. Creating a presentation using sounds and animation.
  5. Creating spreadsheets using values ​​linked using formulas.
  6. Introduction to chat.
  7. Introduction to video conferencing with Skype
  8. Creation of short audiovisual content (not exceeding 2 minutes; using a web camera or digital camera with video recording capability. Copying and viewing the same on a PC.
  9. Upload a short video to a free online streaming video service such as YouTube.
  10. Practical 1 on Geogebra.
  11. Practical 2 on Geogebra.
  12. Practical 3 on Geogebra.

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