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Download DBworx crack [32|64bit] |  Momentum Mag

DBworx License Keygen [2022-Latest]

dBworx is a powerful and efficient software development tool for creating, editing, updating, and creating WebForms that includes features and options not found in most other database software. The main attraction of dBworx is its unique “programmable” WebForm design and editing capabilities. If you already have some programming experience, you’ll appreciate how easily you can edit WebForms without having to resort to using a text editor and opening the HTML in a browser. With dBworx, WebForms can be created by selecting HTML form templates and then customizing them by inserting your own HTML code and then applying one of dBworx’s programming language commands to them. Using dBworx makes creating and editing WebForms much easier and more efficient. dBworx also allows you to easily design and create interactive websites or web-based electronic applications using web forms.
dBworx supports most of dBworx’s database technology, including the following record types: numeric, text, date, time, lookup, relational, external, memo and graphic fields. If your dBworx database already exists, you can import and export dBworx files in dBworx or dBworx 6 format. dBworx also allows you to use dBworx’s “programmable” WebForms to link to other dBworx databases or dBworx-based files created by other dBworx programs. These features, along with dBworx’s full reporting, charting and printing capabilities, allow you to make your dBworx-based applications more efficient.
All dBworx files can be viewed and edited with the dBworx HTML editor (available on request).
For other information about dBworx, please visit

DBWorx setup and database creation

So here I am, new to the world of dBworx and new to computers for that matter. I have this requirement for a school project. I have been asked to create a simple program that retrieves a specific type of data and stores it in a dBworx database. The program must be able to store 50 records in the database. The information I want to store in the database is the students’ surname, first name, home address, telephone numbers, courses they are taking and

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Download DBworx crack for PC

1. Macro list corresponds to a menu in dBworxPE.
2. A macro is a record or field that you can call up at any time to run a program or routine.
3. A macro can be defined at the top of the dBworxPE file.
4. A macro can be defined by any field – numeric, text, date or time.
5. Macros can be named, assigned and defined to the key at any time.
6. You can define a macro to perform a specific task, or you can call up a macro for a specific field – on any record, at any time.
TIP The macro list is displayed in alphabetical order by field name.

1. Macro list

DBworx free registration code

dBworx is an unreliable database management tool and not only that. In addition to the standard field types (numeric, text, date, time), dBworx supports additional types such as lookup and relational fields, external fields and graphic fields (which combine images, text and drawings).
Records can be sorted, searched, filtered and output as reports, labels, charts and HTML tables. dBworx also allows importing and exporting data in a variety of formats. Plus dBworx is easy to use and fits on a single diskette!
Here are some key features of “dBworx”:
■ Fast, easy database design and creation with up to 50 fields per record
■ Numerous field types including alphanumeric, numeric, time, date, calculated, note, lookup, relational and external fields
■ Filtering by example, by selection or by script file
■ Full search function
■ Sort by clicking on a column heading or use a menu option to sort on several fields at once
■ “Programmable” web forms – create, edit and customize HTML input forms; add your own javascript or vbscript routines
■ Built-in programming language – expand the capabilities of dBworxPE by creating your own programs (requires installation of Just BASIC – a free BASIC compiler for Windows)
■ Integrated HTML editor – create and edit web forms, web notes and other HTML documents (and preview them in the built-in browser)
■ “Macro” commands to automate repetitive procedures
■ Field update “action” menu (to allow changes to a specific field in all records)
■ Formula (calculation) routines
■ Help text for individual fields
■ ODBC/SQL capability – connect to other databases such as Access or Dbase, manipulate that information by executing SQL statements, and import all or selected data directly into dBworx
■ PDA (handheld computer) import and export functions
■ XML import and export functions

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Nowhere to be seen





29 Nov 2007 4:23 p.m


Very fast and easy to use.



What’s new in?

dBworx is a very reliable database management tool. Built in with dBworx are extensive help files and an excellent built-in
debugger. dBworx also has many predefined macros that will help you get started quickly. Many of the available functions are available
from dBworx’s dialog boxes. However, dBworx’s user interface is very comprehensive and does not “force” you to use the available one
macros. You may also want to change the code directly. dBworx does not force you to do anything in a certain way, as long as you
understand dBworx’s capabilities and limitations.
dBworx can handle various types of data. By default, dBworx supports file, DB2, Dbase, Access, SQL, Excel and ODBC data.
dBworx’s database design is very user-friendly. dBworx will create a file for you. dBworx will save the data as a single
.DBW file, or you can choose to save each record as a separate file. dBworx’s query and update functions are designed to increase speed
up your development time. dBworx is set up in such a way that you can save your own question phrases and you can easily choose
specific records you want to update.

================================================= ========================================

dBworx is a freeware database software, originally developed and distributed by InfoTrax, Inc.
See the accompanying license agreement at the end of this file for more information.

What is dBworx?
dBworx is a database management tool designed for creating and maintaining professional database applications.
dBworx consists of a compiler and an interpreter. The compiler generates code for your dBworx application based on a
user-defined dBworx database design and the compiled code is then run in a dBworx interpreter. dBworx database design
is a text file in the dBworx language. The dBworx language is a complete set of high-level commands that describe the database
design and data manipulation capabilities of dBworx. The dBworx compiler generates code for the dBworx interpreter from
The dBworx language.

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A dBworx database design is very easy to create and understand. dBworx also provides you with many predefined
macros. Macro code will help you perform repetitive tasks. For example, macros can be used to create a menu, create a button,
or create an input form. You can also use dBworx macros to execute queries, update data, and create reports. If you are
familiar with Microsoft Access, dBworx may seem a bit confusing at first.

System requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: 1.8 GHz Dual Core processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 1024×768 screen
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 4 GB free space
Additional notes:
Must be logged into your Epic Games account with an active subscription
Processor: 3.

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