Download Apple Ugly Christmas Sweater Wallpapers • iPhone in Canada Blog

Download Apple Ugly Christmas Sweater Wallpapers • iPhone in Canada Blog

Just in time for the holidays, that Basic Apple Guy has shared some Ugly Christmas Sweater Apple wallpapers for iPhone, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac in up to 5K resolution.

Ugly sweater

“Thirty-eight thousand four hundred and twenty knitted squares make up these new wallpapers, which happens to be the exact same number of times I swore and crossed myself designing this piece,” he writes.

I painstakingly, pixel-by-pixel, placed each of these 38,420 knitted squares into these intricate tapestries to create this piece. I’m sure there must have been an easier way to make something like this, but if I had, there would have been a lot less love sewn into it.

There are two variations of the wallpaper, one with my Basic Apple Guy logo, and another with Apple’s logo in six colors, available for both 13-inch screens and the iPhone.

You can use the following links to download these Apple Ugly Christmas Sweater wallpapers to your device.

Ugly sweater

Apple Knitted Background

Ugly sweater 2

Basic apple knit wallpaper

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