COWIN App | Download Co-Win App Play Store Link

COWIN App |  Download Co-Win App Play Store Link

Cowin App Download | Co-Win App Download Available | Cowin App Play Store Link

On 16th January 2021 at 10:30 a.m Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi practically launched one of the biggest vaccination campaigns. And talking about the Co-Win App. In the first phase of vaccination, nearly 3 crore healthcare and frontline workers will be inoculated to oversee one of the largest inoculation drives that the Government of India has developed a The COWIN app. To be vaccinated, each recipient must be registered in the COIWN app. Previously, the COWIN app was only available to health workers, but later it has been available to everyone.

About the CoWin app

Cowin application which is also known as Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network is a digitized platform and enables the government to roll out the COVID vaccine distribution system through this application, the inoculation station can be easily monitored. People to be vaccinated will receive a text message sent in 12 different languages. Each recipient will receive two doses of vaccine on the 2ndn.d vaccine will be given after 28 days, the date and time of which can be checked through the COWIN app.

The COWIN app


As you know, the vaccination campaign has started from 16th January 2021 and according to the statistics released by the Ministry of Health on day 1, around 191,181 recipients have received the vaccine across the country. As it is one of the biggest vaccination drive ever done before in terms of the length and breadth of a country and to run this drive smoothly, the Government of India has created a Cowin platform where every individual has to register. People who have not been vaccinated yet can register easily from the portal or app to avoid any kind of rush at the vaccination centre. Now, however, the on-site registration facility is also available.

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Now most of you have some questions in your mind about when to vaccinate. How can they register for this station? Documents required? And the most important thing is when and where they can download this Cowin app. If you are among those who have similar questions, read this article.

Stages of the Covid vaccination drive

As you all know in the first phase of vaccination around 3 crore healthcare and front line workers will be vaccinated which will be followed by people who are above 50 years of age.

And as announced by the Ministry of Health, the cost of vaccination will be free for healthcare and frontline workers, while the cost to the public has yet to be announced.

What are the modules of the CoWin app?

Cowin App works on four modules which are given as:-

  • User administrator
  • Registration of recipient
  • Confirmation for recipient and
  • Vaccination
  • And reports

How will the COWIN app help?

Upon registration in the app, the vaccination module system of the app will confirm your details and update you on your vaccination status.

Once the verification process is complete, a specific time slot for vaccination will be allocated to the applicant, which will be notified via SMS.

After receiving both jabs, you will receive a QR-based certificate that can be downloaded from the COWIN app or via Digi cabinet.

Through this app, you will get to know the vaccination center available near you.

How do I register you in the COWIN application?

To register in the application, users need to upload their Aadhaar card details and a photograph.

And once the registration process is complete, they will be notified about vaccination dates and sessions.

As the detailed process was not revealed by the officials but as in the news came in, there will be three options of registration for the beneficiaries:-

  • One is self-registration
  • Second is individual registration (in this official will help others to upload data)
  • And the third is bulk uploading

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Document required for the COWIN app

To register in the application, the applicant must have photo identification. Which can be one of the following: –

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driver license
  • PAN card
  • Voter ID
  • Passport book issued by the bank or post office
  • Smart card issued by RGI under NPR
  • MNREGA Job Card
  • Smart card for health insurance
  • Pension document with photograph
  • Service ID card issued to state/central employees
  • Official ID card issued to MPs/MLAs/MLCs
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How to download COWIN certificate?

When can ordinary people expect the COWIN app?

As of now, the COWIN app is limited to healthcare professionals, which will help them receive and submit data about the vaccination. While the availability of COWIN app to the general public will be available soon as stated by the Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan and he also asked people not to download any fraudulent apps available on another platform called COWIN.

Things you should know about the Cowin App

  • The Cowin app is free and will be available for download on every platform.
  • It may also be available for devices running on KAIos (eg Jio phone)
  • People who are neither frontline workers nor healthcare workers can use a registration module from the Cowin app for registration.
  • An aadhaar card and photo is a must to register in the Cowin app.
  • If someone registers twice in the Cowin app, their data will be filtered through an automated process and duplicate entries will be deleted.
  • Those who want to register in the application and want to be vaccinated will receive an SMS and such messages will be sent in 12 languages ​​according to the region.
  • A 24×7 dedicated helpline number 1075 will be available to answer people’s queries regarding the vaccination campaign.
  • Right now the Cowin app can only be accessed by healthcare professionals and…
  • In later stages it will be available to the public.
  • The Cowin App will have an automated system that will assign vaccination sessions.
  • Someone who wants to receive both vaccines will receive a QR code-based certificate that can be retrieved from the Digi locker by submitting your details.
  • Vaccination date and time will be informed via SMS and can also be checked in the CO-WIN App
  • The next vaccine dose date will be notified via the COWIN app.
  • People will only be vaccinated with their consent.
  • If someone missed the date assigned to them, they will be inoculated in the next session.
  • On successfully vaccinated recipient will receive a text message mentioning your name and details of the vaccinated and also the name of the vaccinator.
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How to download the COWIN application?

Currently COWIN app is not available in public domain but it will be available very soon and can be easily downloaded by following some simple steps:-

  1. First of all, you need to open the app store or play store on your mobile
  2. And in the search field, enter the COWIN app
  3. When the result is displayed, tap on the apple link
  4. Now click on the install button
  5. Once the app is installed, submit the details as prompted.

Common questions

On which platform will the Cowin app be available?

It will be available on all platforms like Android users, IOS and KAios users.

Is there any document required to register in the Co-Win app?

Yes, the recipients need to provide their ID proof details and also need to upload their photo.

Is is it mandatory for everyone to register in cowin app?

Now you can also order slots by visiting the vaccination center, but to avoid the rush, you can order slots through the COWIN app or portal.

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