Celebration gift code, rewards, how to redeem and more

Celebration gift code, rewards, how to redeem and more

It was recently announced by The Pokemon Company that Pokemon Unite has finally passed the 100 million download mark. To celebrate this staggering milestone, all players are rewarded with a special code that can be exchanged and redeemed in-game for free Aeos coins and other in-game items.

Pokemon Unite is a unique take on the iconic franchise’s mainline video game titles and established gameplay mechanics. Developed by TiMi Studio and released in 2021, it is a free multiplayer online battle arena playable on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

Since its launch, the game has slowly built up a significant and loyal player base, and this latest news is sure to be cause for celebration for fans and developers alike.

How can players get 100 million download rewards in Pokemon Unite?

With Pokemon Unite having been downloaded more than 100 million times worldwide, the developers have given players a code to celebrate this exciting achievement. Trainers can redeem this code in-game to receive 1000 Aeo’s Coins and 1 gold emblem box.

According to Serebii, the code to commemorate 100 million downloads in the Pokemon MOBA title is as follows: THANK YOU FOR 100MM

Serebii Update: Pokemon UNITE has been downloaded over 100 million times. To celebrate, a code for 1000 Aeos Coins and 1 Gold Emblem Box has been provided: THANKYOUFOR100MMserebii.net

To redeem it in the game, players must follow these steps:

  • Players must first start the game.
  • On the main menu home screen, players must click on the calendar icon on the right side of the entire screen.
  • Players must then find their way to the Daily Events tab which can be seen at the top.
  • Once players have clicked on the Daily Events tab, they must scroll down until they find the Gift Exchange tab. Here the players must click on the Exchange button.
  • This will take players to another website, where they must print the said code.
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'Gift code changed' message (Image via Pokemon Unite)
The ‘Gift Code Exchanged’ message (Image via Pokemon Unite)

Players must be careful while entering the code to ensure that they have not made any mistakes while entering numbers and letters. Once the gift code exchange is successful, players will be able to collect the reward items from their mail, which will be sent within 48 hours.

Pokemon Unite has had a pretty amazing year with the game being added to the proceedings during the Pokemon World Championships in August, joining the likes of the TCG and Pokemon GO. The developers have also consistently added new features and cosmetics through a series of updates, with the latest introducing the new Dodrio Holowear.

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