CBSE Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 with Solution PDF Download

CBSE Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 with Solution PDF Download

CBSE Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper Class 12: Candidates can get here the past years question papers for CBSE class 12th chemistry along with their solutions. These previous years’ question papers should give the students an overview of the questions that the students have been evaluated on in recent years. By using these students you can get more marks in the upcoming board exams.

CBSE Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper Class 12: In this article, students pursuing the Science stream in Class 12th can get previous year’s questions from the chemistry subject here. These past years’ question papers are available from the years 2022 (term 2) and 2021 (term 1), 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016.

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus consists of ten units where the weightage of each unit is predefined. However, it will be only through the analysis of these previous year questions that the students will be able to transparently see the weightage of each subject from each chapter for the final board exams.

Students can download these question papers from this article here. We have presented these question papers in a yearly format.

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Previous Year Questions

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Papers will help the students to perform at their best.

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The annual question papers for class 12th Chemistry subject is given in the table below –

Importance of Chemistry Question for CBSE Class 12 Students

Before appearing for a possible exam, it is a prerequisite that the students have a general understanding of the entire exam pattern. To get this overview, previous years’ question papers became very important.

The previous year question papers prove to be very helpful for the students to understand the paper pattern of the subject and the changes in the exam format over the years. As the students must be aware that CBSE has recently rationalized the syllabus content, it becomes all the more important for the students to familiarize themselves with the previous year chemistry papers to understand what kind of questions and topics will require more time and attention from the students. .

CHECK: CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus 2022-23 to see the entire syllabus.

Why should one solve the previous year’s chemistry question papers?

Since the main core of the syllabus remains the same, it is mostly the format of the questions and the marking scheme that goes through some changes.

You can check the list of deleted subjects from the latest syllabus for class 12 chemistry by visiting CBSE Class 12 Chemistry DELETED Syllabus 2022-23.

Thus, the topics and concepts covered in the exam each year remain the same.

Therefore, students should do an analysis of all the past years’ question papers that we have given for class 12th Chemistry to understand the degree of difficulty of various questions, type of question, marking scheme etc.

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CBSE Board Class 12 Chemistry Marking Scheme 2022-23

Since CBSE has rationalized the syllabus, it becomes important for the students to check the latest test paper published by the board to understand the approach that the board is going to take in the evaluation this year.

The board also gives important instructions to the students in their test assignments. Check below blueprint of class 12 chemistry test paper for 2022-23 session followed by rest of the general instructions.

Max points: 70

Allocated time: 3 hours

General instructions:

Read the following instructions carefully.

a) There are 35 questions in this quiz with internal choice.

b) PART A consists of 18 multiple-choice questions with 1 mark each.

c) PART B consists of 7 very short answer questions of 2 marks each.

d) PART C consists of 5 short answer questions of 3 marks each.

e) PART D consists of 2 case-based questions of 4 marks each.

f) PART E consists of 3 long answer questions with 5 points each.

g) All questions are compulsory.

h) The use of log tables and calculators is not permitted

To check the complete sample paper and mark sheet visit CBSE Board Class 12 Chemistry Sample Paper 2022-23.

Also check:

By using these resources from the mentioned links, students will be able to confidently crack their CBSE Class 12 Board Exams 2023.

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