BGMI 2.4 Update Download Links: Real or Fake?

BGMI 2.4 Update Download Links: Real or Fake?

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the Indian PUBG Mobile variant, is still working as the servers are not yet offline. However, the Krafton-backed BR title has not welcomed any new content for nearly five months after being blocked by the Indian government’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

PUBG Mobile received its 2.2 and 2.3 updates as per the stated schedule i.e. in September and November respectively. A few weeks back, PUBG Mobile fans also got their hands on the 2.4 beta update, while the final version is expected to roll out in mid-January 2023.

After PUBG Mobile’s 2.4 beta update, fans have also started seeing the download links for BGMI 2.4 update. Therefore, this article looks at the authenticity and credibility of such links.

BGMI 2.4 download links are fake as Krafton never announced the release of a new update

Several sites provide download links BGMI 2.4 APK (Image via Google)
Several sites provide download links BGMI 2.4 APK (Image via Google)

BGMI has been unavailable on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store since July 28, 2022, after MeitY blocked the game. Therefore, Krafton has not yet released updates for the game due to the absence of authentication from Play Store and App Store.

Also, the developers have not announced the release of any updates since the game was blocked.

Interestingly, when PUBG Mobile received its patch updates, several websites also started displaying similar download links for Battlegrounds Mobile India. Understandably, none of the APK links were genuine. Thus, the Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.4 update download links are also fake and should be avoided.

Besides the absence of any announcement from Krafton’s side, Battlegrounds Mobile India’s global variant, PUBG Mobile, has also not received the much-awaited 2.4 update. Thus, this is another reason why Indian gamers should not trust sources that list BGMI 2.4 APK download links.

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Why should one avoid third party download links?

The reason why players should avoid downloading unofficial game clients (Image via Krafton)
The reason why players should avoid downloading unofficial game clients (Image via Krafton)

If Battlegrounds Mobile India’s developers do indeed release the 2.4 update in the near future, fans should head to the official source and avoid third-party links. The primary reason to avoid unofficial APK links is their questionable credibility.

Many unauthorized sources that claim to provide direct links to Battlegrounds Mobile India application also bring malware, bloatware and other malicious content along with the game’s APK file. Thus, installing updates from such dubious websites can risk one’s data security.

Also, even if unofficial sites do not harm players’ devices with harmful content, it can lead to in-game bans. Krafton has made it clear via its official support page that downloading the game’s APK client from any unauthorized source will result in permanent account suspension.

The publishers have further encouraged users by explicitly mentioning,

“Download Battleground Mobile India from the official store to play the game. Unofficial/cracked game clients are not supported and will result in your account being banned.”

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid questionable websites or sources and wait for Krafton’s official confirmation regarding the release of the new update.

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