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Audible free trial: Download books for free with Prime Day

Audible free trial: Download books for free with Prime Day

audible free trial stream, download books for free membership 2022

This Audible free trial offer allows you to download books, podcasts and original programs for free (Image: AUDIBLE • AMAZON • GETTY • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

Audible is packed with thousands of audiobooks, podcasts and exclusive audio programs. If you are preparing for a demanding drive, long-haul flight, or just do not want to flip through the phone again or read on the daily commute, Audible is a fantastic choice. And for a limited time you can unlock three months with Audible at no charge.

Audible has always offered a 30-day free trial for his service. But ahead of the big movie Prime Day sale, Amazon has tripled the length of the free trial to three months!

Cancel at any time during Audible’s free trial and you pay nothing. Even better, you will still be able to continue streaming podcasts and download audiobooks until the end of the trial period. And all the audiobooks you have added to your library during the three-month free trial will still be available after the trial period is over!

Unfortunately, it’s the blockbuster Prime Day offer just available to Amazon Prime subscriberseven if it is one Prime free trial available for those who want to test out that service (and unlock access to thousands of discounts and offers across the Prime Day coupon bonanza) too!

Audible offers apps on a wide range of platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Echo, Sonos smart speakers and desktop browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari. No matter what devices you have at home, you will be able to listen to the latest audiobooks, read by the author or professional actors, dramatizations, radio games and podcasts, and Audible Original programs.

What is audible?

Audible is a streaming service from Amazon. Unlike Netflix, Disney + and Amazon’s own Prime Video, Audible specializes in audiobooks. It is also a little different from most subscription services since you do not have access to everything in the directory for a fixed monthly fee. Depending on the subscription plan you choose, you will receive either one or two credits each month.

You will be able to redeem one of these credits for any audiobook in the store. You can also use the credit to buy radio games, including classic comedy series from BBC Radio 4, Ricky Gervais’ paid podcast series and much more. But that’s not all. As a monthly subscriber, you get access to the Audible Plus catalog.

This section of the library includes a number of Audible Originals – podcast-like series commissioned for the streaming service. The company has slowly built up a huge catalog of these shows, including Tan Frances Queer Icons, Stephen Fry’s Inside Your Mind, Derren Browns Boot Camp For Life, The Graham Norton Book Club, French and Saunders Titting About, The Search For MH370: Deepest Dive, Finding Q: My Journey Into QAnonand Alan Partridge: From The Oasthouse.

Audible also hosts a number of dramatizations, such as Little women performed by Laura Dern and a full cast, Jane Austen Collection with Billie Piper and Florence Pugh, and Around the world in 80 days. There are also a number of shows centered around wellness and mental wellness, such as How to train your mind, find your purpose, and How superfoods work.

All of these programs are available for streaming and download for offline listening to all subscribers. Amazon Echo owners can ask Alexa Voice Assistant to resume playback from the exact location they dropped on another gadget, such as an Android tablet or iPhone.

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Even if you cancel your subscription, you will be able to stream and download all audiobook purchases with your credits in the apps or by using an Amazon Echo. However, Audible Originals will not be available for streaming after your subscription expires.

audible free trial stream download books

In addition to the collection of audiobooks and podcasts, Audible produces its own originals for members (Image: AUDIBLE)

How much is audible?

Audible offers a number of different subscription offers. The most popular plan, called Audible Premium Plus, costs £ 7.99 per month and includes one credit each month to spend on an audiobook from the directory. This plan also unlocks unlimited access to all Audible Originals and podcasts hosted by Audible.

For those who read several books each month, Audible offers a monthly plan with two credits £ 14.99 per month. This includes the same unlimited access to audible originals and podcasts as above.

Annual plans – £ 69.99 per year for 12 credits, £ 109.99 per year for 24 credits – offer savings compared to standard rolling monthly subscription.

Need to subscribe to listen to Audible?

No. Amazon allows you to buy a single audiobook – just as you would buy a single book from the online store – and most cost between £ 10 and £ 30 per book. These can be purchased directly from Audible or Amazon UK. If you are an avid Kindle reader, you will almost always be offered the opportunity to purchase the audiobook version of any digital book you can in your shopping cart.

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Using WhisperSync technology, Amazon will synchronize your progress between your audiobook and e-book. So you will be able to put down your Kindle and ask an Amazon Echo to start playing the audiobook – and it will start with the sentence where you left off. Similarly, your Kindle will have updated to reflect the progress of the audiobook later.

Is Audible Cheaper Than Reading Books On Kindle?

Honestly, it depends on how much you read. With the latest Prime Day agreement, new Audible subscribers will be able to unlock access to Audible Originals and podcasts for three months free of charge. During this period, you will receive three credits to spend on audiobooks for free. There is a lot of listening material.

However, if you are a very voracious reader, it may be better to look at the Prime Day deal on Kindle Unlimited at the moment. Yes, Amazon is also giving away three months of Kindle Unlimited for free to Prime subscribers worth £ 23.97. This subscription service provides access to more than one million e-books as well as access to magazines.

These can be read on a Kindle e-browser, Kindle Fire tablet, iPad or Android tablet. iPhone and Android phone apps are also available for reading on a smaller screen.

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