A detailed Casumo download app guide for gamers in 2022

A detailed Casumo download app guide for gamers in 2022

The attitude of punters to newly launched sportsbooks is always ambiguous. On the one hand, such platforms have all the latest features that players like so much. But on the other hand, these apps don’t have a reputation yet, which repels a significant portion of players. The situation with the Casumo app is quite unique, as this new betting platform already has a reputation among players from all over the world.

Advantages and disadvantages

An analysis of any betting platform boils down to its pros and cons, and so both will be discussed here. Of course, for each player, the final choice should be individual. For some punters the advantages of Casumo will outweigh the disadvantages, while for others the situation will be different.

Main benefits of using the Casumo app

Since every new bookmaker is eager to show its advantages over the competition, it is reasonable to start the discussion about the Casumo app with the positive aspects of the application. There are several aspects of the service and features built into it that players from all over the world will surely enjoy.

A strong reputation

The first thing that worries most players considering joining a new bookmaker is reputation. On this page, Casumo will be a pleasant surprise even for the most skeptical users. It is true that the sports betting service of Casumo is new and fresh. However, the platform has been operating as an online casino since 2012 and has built a perfect reputation among gamblers.

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Casumo is an internationally popular gambling site that also has a casino application for mobile devices. It is one of the few casinos that has a positive reputation score on every single independent player’s review platform. Since the sports betting service is provided by the same Casumo team, it is reasonable to use the gambling reputation here.

A new platform

Like any new betting application, Casumo is a pure pleasure to use. The software was designed with all modern features in mind from the ground up, allowing the Casumo app to run smoothly and provide players with an exceptionally comfortable experience. Also, the team’s past experience has meant that this sportsbook avoids having the same problems at launch that most other new bookmakers have in their apps.

Combined with the previous advantage, it creates a unique situation. The Casumo app is a new and fresh betting platform that also has a positive reliability score. It’s a really rare case, so the gaming community is reasonably excited about the new app.

Convenient banking

Continuing the theme of new betting platforms, it is the banking system of Casumo. Most new bookmakers build their coffers from scratch, resulting in very short lists of accepted payment options for the first year or two. The developers are simply too busy with all the other aspects of the sportsbook to spend their time adding additional payment methods.

As you may have already guessed, Casumo stands out from the crowd here. The cashier is essentially the same one used on the casino platform, which allows the app to accept a long list of banking methods. Also, Casumo is an international casino, which means that their bookmaker accepts many payment options that are popular both internationally and in specific countries the bookmaker accepts players from.

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Generous promotions

Another big advantage that most fresh sportsbooks cannot offer is related to their promotional set. Newly launched betting platforms usually only have a few bonuses available to users. With Casumo, that is not the case, as the team has clearly used their experience in online gambling to develop a comprehensive set of bonus deals for their betting application.

On which devices can I download Casumo?

You can get the Casumo app on Android and iOS devices. It is available in the official stores (Play Market and App Store), but some countries have not approved it yet. The owners of Android devices can opt for a direct download, in case they are unable to find the Casumo app in the Play Market.

The main disadvantages of playing in Casumo Sportsbook

Unfortunately, like any other service, the Casumo app has several drawbacks that players must consider before joining. Essentially, there are only two major downsides to the service, both of which are related to the fact that it’s a fresh platform.

Little coverage

The situation with coverage is quite ambiguous. Compared to new gaming sites and apps, the range of sports and events supported by the Casumo app is quite decent. But at the same time it is still much smaller than with some established online sportsbooks.

For casual punters, the selection offered by Casumo will surely be enough. The bookmaker covers all the major events for the most popular sports. The best coverage there is for football, tennis and cricket, which will definitely appeal to players from India.

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But seasoned fans of sports betting or users who prefer to watch niche sports will have to wait for the Casumo app to start supporting more competitions and sports, as well as improving the set of available betting markets.

Bets in games

The second disadvantage of using the application is quite insignificant compared to the previous one, it only applies to bets in the game. On the one hand, the app supports in-play bets on all first-team matches and offers all the basic betting markets as well as a couple of special bets for each match.

But on the other hand, there are almost no second-tier games and the range of betting markets available for live trading is smaller than with many popular betting platforms. It is clear that the attitude of Casumo is serious and the app is going to be improved, but it does not cancel that right now, the live betting feature of the platform is quite limited.

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